Harry Styles' Mick Jagger Biopic Might Happen

If you’ve been sitting around, wondering what Harry Styles is doing with his days now that Dunkirk is wrapping up filming, let me bring you one step closer to figuring it out. On Monday, Styles' Another magazine cover shoot was shared by the pop star his Instagram account in the form of three pictures that are making fans pretty excited. But they’re not just excited about the fact that there are new pictures of Styles to swoon over. They’re excited because these pictures may mean that those rumor about Harry Styles playing Mick Jagger in a new film could be true. I mean, seriously, look at the covers.

It didn’t take long before fans started making comparisons between the three images of Styles with varying hair lengths and some of the most famous images of Jagger. There are so many similarities between these photos of Styles and past photos of Jagger, in fact, that it’s hard not to think that they could mean big things for Styles’ future film work. Everything from the clothes that Styles is wearing to the angle from which the photographs were shot are suggestive of some of the most well-known images of Mick Jagger in photographic history.

I’m just hoping that this means that, with these evocative covers, an announcement about Styles’ next film project will be found among the magazine’s pages.

The rumors swirling around Styles playing Jagger have been buzzing around since June 2016, when The Line of Best Fit reported that the former One Direction member would be suiting up as the infamous rock and roll front man for The Rolling Stones. The film, Exile on Main Street: A Season in Hell with the Rolling Stones, is a known project in the works and directed by Downton Abbey’s Andy Goddard. And pretty much as soon as the film was announced by Deadline, the rumors started circulating that Styles could be the one to lead this film to notoriety.

Nothing has been confirmed by the filmmaker or Styles himself, but, with this most recent update to his Instagram page, I’m really hoping that the similarities aren’t just an artistic decision made by the photographer. Because it could definitely be that: An attempt to play up the comparisons that Styles has often received to Jagger in his six years in the public eye.

Still, I’m crossing my fingers that these pictures mean that a casting announcement is looming, and, if it comes, I hope it puts Styles at the forefront of this exciting movie project.