Nipple Rings That Are Easy To Hide If You're Searching For A Low Key Look

Nipple rings are having their moment in the sun — with models like Kendall Jenner showing off their new piercings, it's become quite the hot trend. Still, it's something not everyone (like parents or employers) approves of — so what are some nipple rings that are easy to hide? Pierced stars like Kendall and Bella Hadid make no effort to hide theirs, of course — but then again, Kris Jenner and Yolanda Foster aren't exactly regular moms (they're "cool moms"). And, for that matter, Karl Lagerfeld and Marc Jacobs aren't exactly your average employers.

Well, for those of us who aren't cool celebrities with cool piercings, keeping your nipple jewelry under wraps is still a real concern. Luckily, a regular padded bra will hide almost all nipple piercings — but if you're going braless, or wearing a thin bralette (or even rocking a bathing suit), it might be more visible. It's also worth noting that barbells with small balls are generally easier to hide than rings, but it's certainly possible to go incognito with nipple rings as well. So, with that in mind, let's take a look at 10 unobtrusive nipple ring styles for when you want to keep things on the down low!

1. White Opal Nipple Ring

14K Solid Yellow Gold White Opal Nipple Ring, $44, Etsy

Very, very shiny, but also on the more delicate and simple side.

2. Textured Nipple Ring

Textured 15g Single Nipple Ring Gold, $9, Etsy

This style is eye-catching without being too obtrusive.

3. Rose Gold Bead Rings

Pair of Rose Gold IP Hoop Nipple Rings, $9, Amazon

Fairly standard, as nipple rings go.

4. Oblong Gold Nipple Rings

14g Nipple Rings Gold, $19, Etsy

Just a little bit boho, but still easy to go incognito in.

5. Sterling Silver Nipple Ring Star

Sterling Silver Nipple Ring Star, $18, Etsy

Stars always make the best jewelry, don't they?

6. Opal Captive Bead Ring

Pierced Owl Opal Captive Bead Ring, $8, Amazon

Ultra modern and ultra shiny.

7. Sterling Silver Nipple Rings

Sterling Silver Nipple Rings, $13.95, Etsy

Here's a super simple yet chic way to keep things on the DL.

8. Garnet Nipple Ring

Garnet Nipple Ring, $18, Etsy

The garnet is anything but unobtrusive, but the minimalist style makes it possible for you to rock this look under your favorite shirt.

9. Nipple Ring Set with Swarovski Crystals

Nipple Ring Set with Swarovski Crystals, $20, Amazon

Here's another sparkly look that'll make you feel like a million bucks.

10. Simply Detailed Gold Nipple Ring

14g Nipple Rings Gold, $18, Etsy

Last but not least? A finely detailed set of rings for a subtle touch.

Images: Courtesy Brands