Ample Hills' "Scoop The Vote" Ice Cream Flavors Are Here Just In Time For The 2016 Presidential Debates

With the looming debate tonight, it would be very understandable if you were tempted to drown your sorrows in ice cream. And hey, guess what? Now that Ample Hills' Scoop the Vote ice cream flavors are officially ready for public consumption, you will soon be able to make a political statement with your treat of choice. You can eat your vote! You can party for your political party! You can... I give up. What can I say? I'm tired and this election is draining. But I'm aiming for a food-based political pun of some sort, so you get the vibe that I'm going for.

Ample Hills Creamery, a Brooklyn-based ice cream company, first shot to popularity in 2012 when they created two ice cream flavors, each dedicated to one of the presidential election nominees ("Four More Years" and "Rom Raisin" — I'll let you guess which one was for which candidate). Since 2012, Ample Hills has been named the "#1 Ice Cream in NYC" by Zagat and best "Best Ice Cream in America" by Food Network. So, yeah, they know their stuff.

Ample Hills currently has six brick-and-mortar locations, but if you don't live in the New York City Metro Area, do not whine! Do not moan! Ample Hills will fly you ice cream! Their "Scoop The Vote" four-pack is currently going for $40 online, and can be delivered anywhere in the United States. If that price seems a little steep, consider that a portion of all election flavor proceeds will be donated to Michelle Obama's Let Girls Learn campaign.

So, America, are you ready to meet your candidates? Here's what Ample Hills has cooked up for us this in honor of the 2016 election.

Madam President

According to their website, Ample Hills' "Madame President" flavor is made with "sugar and spice and women’s rights." Featuring chili pepper chocolate ice cream and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies made from Hillary Clinton's very own recipe (remember in 1992 when people asked why Hillary didn't give up her career when her husband made it to the White House, and she was basically like, "I'm not going to sit at home baking cookies," and then people got mad so she was forced to release her "very own cookie recipe"? Yeah, it's that one), this flavor sounds honestly amazing and I insist that someone purchase it for me right now.

Make America Orange Again

Ample Hills avoids artificial coloring, but this flavor is searingly bright nonetheless. Also, this orange and marshmallow ice cream with brownie bricks (because of, you know, that really fun xenophobic "The Wall" discussion that keeps popping up) comes with a warning: "May contain bluster, hot air, and bricks."

While it's true that you might not be able to get a hold of either of these two flavors in time for tonight's debate, fear not; there are still three more to go (the Vice Presidential debate and the second and third Presidential debates). So go ahead. Watch Clinton and Trump go head-to-head on television, while letting Madame President and Make America Orange Again go head-to-head on your taste buds. We'll get through this. I promise.

Images: Ample Hills (3)