Did 'PLL' Confirm Toby Isn't Dead?

Pretty Little Liars ended its most recent summer season with some shocking revelations — and horrifying developments. Of course, anyone who tuned into "The DArkest Knight" knows that the episode that boasted the hashtag the #PLLDeathTrap wasn't going to be warm and fuzzy — instead, this episode put a ton of its characters in mortal danger, and even offed one of them by decapitation. (It was not-so-nice knowing you, Noel Kahn.) One of the characters that we're most worried about is Spencer's one-time love, Toby. Though Toby wasn't targeted by Jenna and Noel in that horrible murder house, he did crash his truck into the tree on his way out of Rosewood. Toby definitely looked dead slumped over the steering wheel, but did PLL really kill off Toby in the Season 7A finale? Showrunner I. Marlene King may have just revealed the truth via Twitter, but it might not be that simple.

We have to wait approximately forever until the final 10 episodes of PLL premiere (and by forever, I mean until April 2017) which is why fans are scouring the internet for any spoilers that they can find. Fortunately, showrunner King is delivering them: King just released snippets from the series finale script on Twitter, and one of them hints that Toby is alive and well. Here's the intriguing piece of the script:

Freaking out?! King's reveal certainly makes it seem like Toby is alive and well in this future episode, especially considering that he's talking. In fact, it's what he's talking about that makes me wonder if this script snippet could be from Toby's own wedding vows — perhaps he's launching into a speech about how he didn't think he had any hope for love, but finally found it with Yvonne. (Leave it to Toby to mention Spencer in a wedding vow to another woman.) However, while the snippet bodes well for Toby fans, it might not mean what we think it does. Toby could still be dead, even if he does return for the finale.

If Toby is truly dead after that car crash, he could return to the series as one of the show's many dream ghosts — a role that Alison, Mona, and Jessica all played at some point. Maybe Spencer needs a pep talk from her dead, wise ex-boyfriend in order to take down Uber A in the series finale, and Toby's ghost comes to her in a dream just in time. Or, maybe it's more straight-forward: perhaps one of the characters has a flashback to a particularly useful thing that Toby said. Just because Toby may not have a pulse doesn't mean the character stops getting lines.

It looks like we really will have to wait to find out Toby's fate — but I'm hoping that the only body we bury from the PLL finale is Noel's headless one.

Image: Byron Cohen/Freeform; Giphy