Cameron Diaz Makes Confusing Comment About Cheating After Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Rumors

Talk about bad and unfortunate timing. After debunking rumors that Cameron Diaz and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau had an affairCameron Diaz made some bizarre comments about cheating that left us scratching our heads. Diaz told British OK! while discussing her new film with Coster-Waldau, The Other Woman, that "everyone will be cheated on." And now we're all really uncomfortable.

Diaz's new film is about a woman seeking revenge against her former lover when she finds out that he's married. And when asked by the magazine why she chose to do a film about infidelity, she responded really well — by saying that it was the unbreakable bond between the film's female characters that drew her to the role. Right on, strong female friendships for the win! But then she went on a rant about cheating which, considering recent headlines, just seems bizarre. Diaz told OK!:

You didn't really have to tell us this Cameron, we know you're not down with infidelity — because no one really is. This would've been fine, but the actress went further:

I'm sorry, what? First, this is a crazy argument to make and second, not EVERYONE has and will be cheated on. Oh, and third, no one expects you to fix that problem, Cameron Diaz. Does she not read the tabloids either? Did she not know there were rumors that she was carrying on an affair with a married man up until yesterday — what is up with that, girl? There's never a right time to make sweeping generalizations about other people's lives, but now is SO not the right time for Diaz to make them about cheating in relationships.

We've been so down with Diaz's refreshingly bold body-talk but these comments crossed the lines into a weird place that no one wants to think about. Because really, not everyone does infidelity and it's callous to say that we should take it as a lesson and move on. Even if there was no bad blood between Diaz and Coster-Waldau's wife, this is just so incredibly weird.