'Broad City' Made A Drake Music Video & It's The Best Thing You'll See Today

In the latest episode of Comedy Central's fantastic Broad City , Abbi gets a large check. She reacts how we would all react in that situation, of course: She grabs her best friend and they go full-on music video to Drake's "Started From the Bottom." Like ya do.

The video, which features the two dancing around a bank in their respective outlandish costumes, perfectly encapsulates what it feels like to get that relieving big paycheck, especially when you're living paycheck to paycheck like so many twentysomethings are.

Broad City continues to be one of the best things on TV, and definitely the kind of must-see television we work hard to push on all our friends. This is all kinds of great considering it's in its first season — though it likely does help that they started out as a(n also great) web series, and were able to work out some kinks there. There are only two more episodes left in season one, sadly — Wednesday's "Apartment Hunters" and next week's "The Last Supper" — but luckily the show's already been renewed for season two.

And that thing with the nickels at the end of this video? Been there.

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Image: Comedy Central