Katy Perry Will Vote Naked For Hillary Clinton, Because Click Bait Will "Change The World"

On Monday afternoon, just in time for first round of the presidential debates, pop star and steadfast Hillary Clinton supporter Katy Perry tweeted, “TOMORROW, I USE MY BODY AS CLICK BAIT TO HELP CHANGE THE WORLD.” But wait, there is most certainly more: the tweet also rolled up to the Twitterverse with a censored picture of the unclothed “California Gurls” singer at a poling place. “Katy Perry Votes Naked Tomorrow," the photo reads. Huh. Ya don't say?

I don’t know what this “Katy Perry Votes Naked” promotional material will be (I presume it’ll be something for National Voter Registration Day, but is it a video? A photo set? A comic strip? A poem?), but I do have one prediction to chuck out into the ether like a conjecture-scented discus: At some point, she will probably dump a purse over her head while searching for her sample ballot. I mean, how else do you explain that lollipop stuck in her hair? Or those pieces of gum? Er, maybe those are packing peanuts? I think that piece of debris by her left ear might be a movie ticket stub. Or what if it’s a straw wrapper? No, I bet it's a receipt. My bag is lined with so many receipts, you'd think it was a birdcage. I really need to clean out my purse.

...Aaaand that wraps up another tedious edition of "Kristie Lists All Of The Pieces Of Garbage She Finds In Her Purse." Here's Perry's tweet:

I suppose we'll just have to stay tuned.