Ryan Lochte Loses His Chance At Immunity On 'Dancing With The Stars' & He Could Be Next To Go

Ryan Lochte’s time on Dancing With The Stars was almost cut short last week when he and partner Cheryl Burke were put on the chopping block, and now I fear that Ryan may actually be going home this week. Pit against racer James Hinchcliffe and his partner, Sharna Burgess, for immunity, Ryan and Cheryl were outdanced, and now I fear that they may be eliminated.

The gist was this: each of the two couples was given the same type of dance to prepare, and they had to choreograph it themselves and then dance off! The judges would, well, judge, and then one of the couples would win. Ryan and Cheryl did a good job with their cha cha, but James and Sharna just cha cha’ed around them in circles. James was sexy and fun and Ryan was well, less fun. Also, he can barely touch his toes. I thought he was an Olympic athlete! Anyway, Ryan and Cheryl really needed to win immunity this week because they were so close to being eliminated last week. They needed the padding to squeak by, to go deeper in the season — will this loss mean that Ryan and Cheryl get sent packing this week? I hope not!

I get that this whole dance is part of Ryan’s mea culpa tour following his Rio Olympics debacle, but it’s really shown a whole side that I didn’t know Ryan had. He’s fun, he’s young, and he made a mistake that he wants to put behind him. Most importantly, too, Ryan is human and wants to show the world that he’s more than the sum of one week. Winning immunity this week was something that could have helped Ryan and Cheryl out — let’s hope they don’t need it.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC