This Lawrence Kansas Police Tweet About Debate Drinking Games Is A Little Too Real

If I weren't working Monday night's first presidential debate, I'd probably be drinking — and I'm not even a drinker. So I have a feeling that if I'm getting a thirst to quench my anger and anxiety about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump going head-to-head with a good old-fashioned presidential debate drinking game, lots of other people are too. There are plenty of them out there after all. (Even Bustle made a debate drinking game in 2015.)

There are various debate drinking game rules: take a swig every time someone says "yuge," "terrorism," "crooked," "apocalypse is upon us" ... the possibilities really are endless. (I even got a press release for a stoner debate game, which sounded like even more fun.) But police in Lawrence, Kansas decided to do what police do and caution people to be careful, utilizing Twitter Monday night to caution the good people of Lawrence not to drink and politic. "REMINDER: We realize politics can make emotions run high, but being mad at a presidential candidate in a debate is NOT a reason to call 911," @LawrenceKS_PD posted. And then, this awesome follow-up tweet: "Additionally, drinking games where you drink every time someone says "yuge" leads to binge drinking, and we discourage that strongly."

Touché, Lawrence police, touché.

Now, I don't suggest binge debate drinking, and definitely not binge debate drinking and driving, but if you're in the safety of your own home and 21 or over, there are a few ideas on the internet.