Your Democratic Debate Drinking Game, Enjoy!

Yet another debate is upon us, which only means one thing: It's time to get drunk with another Democratic debate drinking game. We all pretty much know the drill by now. Politician says something repetitive, drink. Someone goes crazy, drink. It's a simple formula. Luckily, the Democrats have been extremely kind to those of us with a passion for politics and alcohol, and scheduled their second debate on a Saturday. Which means that debate viewing parties are going to be a lot more enjoyable when you don't have to get up for work the next morning.

Unlike their Republican counterparts, the Democrats are pretty low-key debaters. Last time, there were no fireworks on stage, no scuffle between candidates, or nonstop references to Hillary Clinton's email. But the field is a lot smaller now, as only three candidates will take to the stage in Iowa on Thursday — and anything could happen.

We should be honest with ourselves, though. The debate might get a little dull. Fewer candidates means more speaking time, and although we are all incredibly concerned with the state of the economy and the future of the country, sometimes hearing a candidate discuss the nitty-gritty details of Medicaid for half an hour can get a bit boring. That's why you need this drinking game, to keep you on your feet and give you a reason to keep watching. Don't like drinking? No problem — just replace shots with sit ups, and you'll be super buff by election day.

Take A Drink If:

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images
  • Someone mentions how you're spending your Saturday night with Hillz, Bernie, and O'Malley;
  • Trump is mentioned;
  • Gun control comes up;
  • You forgot Martin O'Malley was still running​;
  • You just want Hillary and Bernie to be running mates already.

Take A Shot If:

Ethan Miller/Getty Images News/Getty Images
  • Someone references how much of a snoozefest this debate is;
  • Hillary and Bernie become BFFs again;
  • Hillary and Bernie actually argue over an issue;
  • Black Lives Matter comes up. This is a cause for celebration, people;
  • The candidates bash the Republicans/GOP debate/GOP debate moderators.

Chug Your Drink If:

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images
  • Bernie Sanders brings up his uncanny resemblance to Larry David;
  • Bernie goes CRAZY. Keep going till he calms down;
  • Hillary gets a sexist question;
  • Hillary crushes her opening/closing statement like a LADYBOSS.

Good luck friends. Hopefully this debate is a little more lively than the last one, and may the odds be ever in your favor.