How Much Is Sigma Beauty's 'On Point' Brush Collection? Makeup Lovers Need This Set

Sometimes upgrading your makeup look takes one thing: a quality set of brushes. Makeup brushes can be pretty pricey, so finding a set where you save a few dollars without buying several individually can be a great deal. Thankfully Sigma Beauty, a beauty brand who offers makeup and brush sets for beauty enthusiasts, released a brand new set of brushes that makeup lovers need in their collection. Introducing the On Point brush collection.

The Sigma Beauty makeup brush set includes eight different brushes that each provide a different function for your makeup routine. Cut the time for your makeup routine in half with these brushes that will give you a beautiful eyeshadow blend, streamlined eyeliner, and contouring that doesn't look fake. If you bought each brush individually, it would be a total of $128, but buying the brushes as a set gives you a little bit of a discount — it'll cost you $98. In the set, you'll receive a contour brush, a lash fan, a bent liner brush, two blending brushes, a crease brush, and two lip liner brushes.

Sigma Beauty's new set was designed for people with a range of makeup skills from beginner to professional, and will inspire you to get creative with your looks.

Detail Brush Set, $98,

You can shop the collection and get the set for $98 online at

Images: trendmood/Instagram; Courtesy of Sigma Beauty