How To Wash Your Makeup Brushes, According To Mario Dedivanovic

Kim Kardashian's beauty game has been next level for years now. From her new love of fresh-faced beauty to her famous contoured cheek bones, Kardashian's beauty is legendary, and it's partially thanks to her makeup artist. Now, Mario Dedivanovic's brush cleaning secret can be yours because the famous artist is showcasing his secret formula on his Snapchat. While Dedivanovic has other famous clients — like singer Demi Lovato — Kardashian is clearly his most well-known, and now you can not only get her secrets but the secrets behind those looks as well.

Dedivanovic's Snapchat has long been known as a place to get behind the scenes looks. Not only did he showcase the Master Palette by Mario on his Snapchat, but he's also given run downs of his makeup kit. Now, he's showing you the solution he uses to clean his brushes. According to Dedivanovic's Snapchat on Monday, the celebrity makeup artist uses tea tree oil and baby shampoo to get his brushes squeaky clean. From the looks of things, he had quite a few to tackle.

While there are tons of at home recipes to clean brushes, seeing that Dedivanovic doesn't rely on a specific brand or high-end cleaner is pretty bomb. This talented artist to the stars uses an affordable, easy method to clean his brushes, and fans can no recreate it.

The gentle baby shampoo will prevent the bristles on Dedivanovic's brushes from becoming brittle while tea tree oil can act as an anti-bacterial.

It looks like he had quite a few to clean, so if I had to guess, Dedivanovic's baby shampoo supply is now depleted.

Thanks to Dedivanovic, you can now clean your brushes for far less than the average cleaner costs.

Tea Tree —100% Pure Essential Oil, $10, Amazon

Johnson's Baby Shampoo, $5, Amazon

Break those brushes out and get to cleaning, because we all know how imperative a good clean is.

Images: Mario Dedivanovic/Snapchat(2); Courtesy of brands