Laurie Hernandez Is In To Win 'DWTS'

The Presidential debates are wreaking havoc not only with Monday Night Football plans (holding back a real eye roll here), but also with Dancing With The Stars. The show had to be cut down and they figured out the best way to do it — a fight to the death, with immunity! Laurie Hernandez and her partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, won their challenge handily on Dancing With The Stars , but it’s not like they needed it. Laurie and Val will go all the way to the Mirrorball finals.

Laurie and Val are by and large the favorites on this season of Dancing With The Stars. Fresh off a gold medal from the Rio Olympics, Laurie can dance, and she gives good face while she does it. Along with Val, she’s unbeatable so far. Marilu and Derek really brought it tonight, but it just wasn’t enough — Laurie and Val got the immunity, but there is no way that they’re going to get eliminated anyway. I would have rather seen Marilu (or anyone else) win immunity and make the competition more interesting. We know Laurie will go far – let’s see Amber Rose or Rick Perry continue on and really spice things up. Let’s get crazy!

We’re only a few weeks in on Dancing With The Stars, and I so prefer it when I can’t see the outcome. I like a tight race on my competition shows — it’s like having the Yankees win every World Series (if this were the 1990s) or the Patriots win all the Super Bowls (if this were the 2000s). It’s not fun to watch unless you are only cheering for that team. Laurie Hernandez certainly didn’t need the immunity tonight, and I wonder how their win will affect the rest of the standings.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC