Leslie Jones Takes On The Debate Via Twitter

Right in time, Leslie Jones returned to Twitter for the presidential debates on Monday night, and the Saturday Night Live comedian's coverage of the much anticipated event is sure to be fabulous. Jones quit Twitter in August after hackers leaked nude photos and personal information on her website, but she made a triumphant return at the beginning of September, and announced just before the beginning of the debate on Monday that she would be live tweeting the event. So, get ready, Twitter: Leslie Jones is back, and she's ready to weigh in on what is sure to be one of the most-watched debates to date.

Jones announced her decision to cover the debate between the presidential nominees, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, with a very relatable tweet: "Ok I've decided I'm live tweeting the debates!! I will not know what the f*** I'm looking at but hell its got to be fun!!" It's likely this debate will have surprises in store for not only Jones, but everyone tuning in — however, Jones is sure to provide some of the most fun coverage of the night, and it's certain that neither Clinton nor Trump will be able to get anything by the savvy comedian.

As is clear from her first Tweet of the night, Jones makes no pretense of having major political knowledge — and soon after the debate started, the comedian posted a video of debate commentator, Lester Holt, with the caption, "HOUR AND A HALF?!" which may just be what a lot of viewers are thinking (90 minutes of The Donald really is not going to be easy, that's for sure).

Within the first half-hour of the debate Jones had already made it clear that she's no fan of the GOP candidate (no surprise there), and offered multiple scathing reviews of Trump. She tweeted a video of Trump scrambling to debate Clinton with the caption, "I literally don't know what I'm talking about. So can I run for president?!"

The Twittersphere should be thankful to have Jones back online to help shed light on Monday night's debate. After rising to fame with her role in this summer's Ghost Busters reboot, Jones became the target of racist and sexist hate on Twitter (and this was before hackers attacked her website, too), so it's pretty brave of the comedian to weigh in on something as controversial as politics. However, Jones has never shied away from speaking her mind, and it's clear that that's what she's going to do during the debates on Monday night. I'm so glad you're back, Leslie Jones!