Chrissy Teigen's Tweets About The Presidential Debate Are Oh So Real

Mother, model, and Twitter genius Chrissy Teigen shut Monday's presidential debate down before it even started. Teigen has a gift for summarizing what her millions of Twitter followers are thinking, and Monday night was no exception. "Drinking game for tonight is to never stop," she wrote, demonstrating why she has a reputation for coming up with some pretty flawless, hilarious tweets. Teigen definitely won't be drinking alone on Monday night—the Internet blew up today with suggested presidential debate drinking games, encouraging viewers to drink every time Trump uses the word "tremendous" or when the candidates interrupt each other.

This isn't the first time she's brought up politics on social media, either—she had a brutal Twitter fight with Trump last November, which she called "the greatest birthday gift ever." After Clinton's "basket of deplorables" comment, Teigen also took to Twitter to defend Clinton, saying "If you aren't deplorable, she isn't talking about you. Are you mad for your deplorable friends or something?"

Teigen and her husband, singer John Legend, have both been vocal about their opposition to Donald Trump and support for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Interestingly, Legend attended the same college as Trump, the University of Pennsylvania, though the shared alma mater seems to have done little for Legend's opinion of the Republican nominee. Legend has openly supported Hillary Clinton, even performing at campaign fundraisers like the She's With Us fundraiser in Los Angeles last June.

If she gets any Twitter hate for this latest tweet, Teigen is unlikely to back down. She went toe-to-toe with some Bernie Sanders supporters who have indicated that they won't support Clinton in November, encountering a significant amount of criticism in return. Voting for Sanders, in Teigen's words, is "like voting for the moon," a statement she stood by in the face of Twitter critics.

Teigen has been outspoken about her support for Planned Parenthood and has decried double standards for male and female new parents. She also took to Twitter during the debate to call Trump a racist and to express her amazement at Clinton's composure in the face of Trump's attitude.

It's likely that Teigen, like millions of Americans, wishes that the election was dominated by a serious discussion of racism, Planned Parenthood, and other serious issues; but in an election characterized by one candidate bragging about the size of his genitals and another besieged with journalistic coverage of her water consumption, it's understandable why Chrissy Teigen needs a drink.