Chelsea Handler's Live Debate Tweets Are Savage And, Unsurprisingly, All #WithHer

There are more celebrities and Twitter personalities tweeting Monday night's presidential debate than we could possibly count, but I think it's safe to say that none are quite as savage as Chelsea Handler's live debate tweets. The comedian and actor has been upfront about her support for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, and with a reputation for shaking things up both on- and off-screen, it's no surprise that she's providing the internet with some much-needed comic relief during this historic debate. Still, if you're going to read them, you might want to put on some sunscreen first, because these are some ~real sick burns~.

Handler shared on Twitter just before Monday's debate that she wouldn't be taking on the burden on this live-tweet marathon alone, and that she is being assisted by West Wing actor Mary McCormack, a friend and fellow Clinton supporter. The two friends kicked off the live-tweet on alternating sarcastic and macabre notes, which set the tone for the marathon of tweets to come. Buckle up, fellow debate live-tweeters, because I sincerely doubt that anyone brought it like Handler did tonight.

Right off the top, Handler came at Republican presidential nominee Trump with a tweet throwing shade at his controversial immigration plan.

Of course, no live-tweet of a debate would be complete without a nod to the inherent sexism of the perception of women in media!

Handler also did not fail to notice the moment when Trump sniffled on camera...

And naturally, a shout-out to the only person on earth who pull a (literal) trump card on how stressful you're finding this debate.

It didn't stop there.

And, without further ado, Handler gets right to the point.

Mic drop.