Donald Trump Has The Sniffles

by Hope Racine

Monday night's first presidential debate brought the two candidates together to discuss the issues facing Americans, but instead of focusing on his tax plan, Twitter was really focused on the fact that Donald Trump appeared to be sick during the debate.

Given Trump's recent concerns regarding Hillary Clinton's health, Twitter was quick to pick up on the irony of the situation. Despite the media frenzy over Clinton’s recent bout of walking pneumonia at the start of September, the former secretary of state appeared on stage looking better than ever, while a more sedate Trump sniffled through the night.

Considering the physical rigors and stresses of campaigning, it's not surprising for either candidate to pick up a cold during the process. And there's no shame in allergies either — Clinton herself has admitted to regularly suffering from allergy symptoms throughout the year. However, it does reopen the discussion regarding the candidates' health, and the fact that neither has been particularly transparent about their health concerns. And given how vocal Trump has been about Clinton's cold symptoms, it's hardly surprising that Twitter is turning it around on him.

And then (because it's the internet) some people took it a step further and pointed out that maybe Trump didn't have a cold, and something very different was causing his stuffed up nose.

Luckily for Trump, as he got more heated in his debate, the worst of his sniffles abated a bit. Here's hoping the debate wasn't too strenuous for him, and that he's feeling back to normal soon — because it would be a shame if people started critiquing his health, wouldn't it?