Hillary Clinton Memes From The First Debate

We were barely moments into the first presidential debate of the 2016 election when the evening began to yield a handful of moments for the ages (or, at least moments for the span fo time between now and the next debate). And some absolutely essential Hillary Clinton memes have already been sweeping social media

First off, Clinton's initial acknowledgement of Trump was both extremely polite and a totally sick burn:

And she took a page from the Donald himself, turning his habit of developing schoolyard nicknames back onto him:

At many moments throughout the debate, Clinton's reactions to listening to Trump have begged a lot of cultural and pop cultural comparisons:

In fact, a number of tweeters noted that Clinton's reactions brought to mind a favorite cultural icon who constantly had to listen to a blowhard rant about nonsense:

She also brought to mind...well, another cultural icon who constantly had to listen to blowhards rant about nonsense:

And, of course, by the debate's end, Clinton's debate performance inspired some memes that summed it all up:

You know what they say: "A well-executed meme's worth a thousand think pieces."