Gabrielle Moss
Gabrielle Moss is an associate lifestyle editor at Bustle. Her first book, GLOP: Nontoxic, Expensive Ideas that Will Make You Look Ridiculous and Feel Pretentious (a parody of Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP) was published by Dey St/ HarperCollins.
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As More Women Discover Their Anger, I'm Trying to Tame Mine

One day last fall, I yelled at a guy who wouldn’t stop talking at the movies. This wasn’t that weird for me; I rarely have a week where I don’t aggressively lecture a stranger about movie theater etiquette, or bus seating protocol, or my extremely st…
By Gabrielle Moss

We Asked Young Women To Fantasize About Their Lives As Old Ladies — Here's What They Said

For a lot of young women, thinking about what our lives are going to look like in the near future takes up a lot of the present. Do I want to try to get a high-powered job? Do I want to get married? Do I want to have kids? Do I want to drop out of so…
By Gabrielle Moss

Sometime In The Past 10 Years, Mail Got Really, Really Weird For Me

I have a system in place for when I check my mail: I pluck the credit card offers out with one hand while I shake the catalogs with the other, looking for any stray wedding invitations or jury duty notices that got shoved in-between the pages. I then…
By Gabrielle Moss

I Went To A Haunted Hotel To Find Out Why Women Are So Obsessed With Seeing Ghosts

Almost half of Americans believe in ghosts, and within that group, there's another subset of people — those who not only believe in ghosts, but put time, money, and energy into actively seeking them out. These are the people who visit creepy mansions…
By Gabrielle Moss

I Tried To Become A Psychic & It Was More Revealing Than Therapy

For the month of October, Bustle's #blessed series will explore how young women are searching for meaning, finding connections to a higher power and navigating spirituality in 2017. Did you wait until you were sure no one was looking over your should…
By Gabrielle Moss

That Onion Article About Mass Shootings Is Brilliant But Needs To Be Stopped

Waking up on Monday morning to news of the Las Vegas mass shooting that killed 58 and injured more than 500 people — making it the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history — felt sad, and horrific, and terrifying, and all the other things hearin…
By Gabrielle Moss

Why Is The Sex Robot Revolution Leaving Women Behind?

For the month of September, Bustle’s Sex TBH package is talking about sex, honestly. We’re delving into how women approach the things they’re taught to be shy or embarrassed about in the bedroom — and, in doing so, we're liberating people to live the…
By Gabrielle Moss

6 Women Who Should Shut The Hell Up And Never Write Books

As you probably already know, noted 2016 election loser Hillary Clinton’s new book, What Happened, drops today, September 12. For weeks, we’ve been barraged with think-pieces, excerpt drops, and interviews with Clinton herself, which have shot pre-or…
By Gabrielle Moss

How An Eclipse Ceremony Helped Me Feel Less Scared About The World

A year ago, I was not someone who got too worked up over stuff like eclipses — and I definitely wasn't someone who would see an eclipse as an opportunity to make a spectacle of myself by bringing crystals to a public park, taking off my shoes, and me…
By Gabrielle Moss

Defunding Planned Parenthood For One Year Could Cause Years Of Trouble

Over the past few years, a number of conservative politicians have proposed plans to "defund" Planned Parenthood. So far, 13 states have put legislation in place to prevent the organization from receiving certain state funds, but the new Senate healt…
By Gabrielle Moss

One Body Hack That Will Reduce Your Anxiety — VIDEO

If you're reading this right now, there's a good chance that you've felt anxiety at some point in your life; just like love, fear, and realizing you want a pizza 20 minutes after the pizza place closes, feeling anxiety is one of those experiences tha…
By Gabrielle Moss

This Tweet About Clinton & Le Pen Reveals The Problem With Feminism That "Supports All Women"

As a rule, I don't expect much feminist insight from Wikileaks co-founder and editor-in-chief Julian Assange. This isn't solely due to the fact that since 2012, Assange has lived in London's Ecuadorean Embassy in order to avoid extradition to Sweden …
By Gabrielle Moss

Is The San Bernardino Elementary School Shooting Linked To The 2015 Massacre?

The San Bernardino County Fire Department has reported that on Monday morning, a shooting occurred at San Bernadino's North Park Elementary School, leaving multiple victims injured with gunshot wounds. The tragic shooting at North Park has caused man…
By Gabrielle Moss

AHCA Failing Memes To Celebrate This Moment

As Robert Costa of the Washington Post reported, President Trump pulled the American Health Care Act bill from the House floor this afternoon. Last night, Trump had demanded that the bill — which has caused significant controversy in both parties, wi…
By Gabrielle Moss

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