This Video Of A Reporter Yelling At Another Before The Debate Is Totally Not Chill

It's been a tense year and a half lead up to Monday's first presidential debate. And even though we still have two months to go until the presidential election, some people are losing their cool already. One person who has totally lost her chill was a woman in the press area in the debate hall who was pushed in the stampede just before the event and yelled at someone behind her. Update: BuzzFeed News identified the reporter as Kimberly Halkett.

We've all been there. When crowded in a small place, bumping up against others and things get a little testy. With reporters following the campaign trail for more than a year, they've been around each other for an extended period of time, and that combined with the competition to get the best spot to cover the debate means some not-so-polite interactions. A Vine of the incident is going viral, and Twitter users have taken the situation into their own hands to comment on the relatable situation. According to BuzzFeed, the reporter is Kimberly Halkett of Al Jazeera English.

It all started out with a Washington Post reporter who recorded the incident and posted it to Twitter. He sarcastically commented that "The show hasn't even started but things are off to a great start." Which is a great way to put things in perspective.

And it just took off from there. One user joked that the incident is like something that would happen on a reality show.

Others lifted her up as their personal hero.

And reminded us that she's not the only one who would do this in the situation.

Others imagined a different context for the yelling.

When you think about it, its almost like its own mini-movie.

And another user reminded us that this is only the beginning.

It was a brief moment of levity before a debate that's saw cringe-worthy moments and lots of fact-checking opportunities from at least one candidate during the night.