Donald Trump Is Wrong About His Own Health

The first presidential debate may have been about three primary topics, but what really took center stage was not spoken words — it was sniffles. Donald Trump had the sniffles at the first debate, raising questions about whether his assertions of good health, on the Dr. Oz show and in other forums, were legit. The Donald has been quite braggadocios when it comes to his well-being, something that's rubbed off on his own doctor, Dr. Harold Bornstein

Bornstein received criticism after writing a doctor's note that remarked on Trump's "astonishingly excellent" test results. He said it was written in haste as he waited on a limo that had been sent by The Donald. Needless to say, Bornstein's claim that his patient would be "healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency" has been called into question. When Trump was presented with the opportunity to put his money where his mouth is and release his medical records in full, he chose instead to continue bragging without backup. Trump took to the Dr. Oz show on Sept. 13 to talk about how he stays healthy, stating that he rarely gets colds, which he claims surprises friends and colleagues alike.

Those same people in shock at Trump's fortified immune system must have been speechless given his incessant sniffling on the debate stage at Hofstra University. His podium microphone picked up on sniffle after sniffle, harkening back to Ben Carson's frequent coughing during some of the GOP debates. Perhaps he's been getting too close to the retired neurosurgeon?

Though it's not worth stooping to Trump's level and speculating that a routine set of the sniffles is sign of some larger health conspiracy, it's worth noting that the public doesn't have a clear picture of Trump's health given the scant medical information he's been willing to share. If you buy into BMI (an admittedly dubious measure of health) Trump is considered medically overweight given his height and weight. And though that isn't the best indicator of overall wellbeing, diet and exercise can impact one's health and longevity. The presidential hopeful has frequently been spotted chowing down foods high in saturated fats, posting Instagram photos of his KFC and McDonald's lunches aboard his private plane. As for exercise, Trump says he's getting plenty thanks to golfing and giving speeches.

If Trump's orations really are that much of a workout, he's probably not going to be feeling all that great once he's gone through the stresses of the presidential debates.