These Tweets & Jokes About Donald Trump At The Debate Are Fire

If you thought Twitter was abuzz before the debates, it was a downright swarm of killer bees during the debates Monday night. No matter your politics, Twitter has become the sounding board of our nation. A place where we can openly discuss our most thought provoking, well reasoned, and researched ideas... in 140 characters or less. Or post memes of kittens chasing after bulldogs. Either way, one of the best ways to watch the debates is through the lens of Twitter. Even Republican nominee Donald Trump will be tweeting during the debate. Instead of writing the tweets himself however, it looks as though his staff may be doing the work. And it's safe to say that plenty of viewers are contributing some new angles too.

Both candidates got their share of expressive tweets about their performance during the debate, including Trump. Whether you love Trump, love to hate Trump, or are indifferent, it's hard to deny some of the tweets watchers posted during the debate make the state of our union a little bit easier to handle. So after you are done dissecting every soundbite, fact checking every number used, and have figured out how your Aunt Martha managed to beat you at debate bingo because she had "sniffles," grab one last glass of wine and look through Twitter's version of the debates.

Twitter declared shortly after the end of the debate in an official statement that the Sept. 26 debate was officially the most-tweeted about debate in history. To which, I say: I know, Twitter. I know.