Leslie Jones' Tweets About The Debate Are Amazing

After slaying her social media coverage during the Olympics earlier this year, Leslie Jones' presidential debate Twitter coverage is proving that she's just as great a journalist as she is an actress. Jones prefaced her debate coverage with a disclaimer, fully admitting that she wasn't going to be the most informed source, but definitely one of the funniest. Even with her self-proclaimed lack of political knowledge, Jones brought up some pretty salient points about the debate, tearing down Donald Trump for his interruptions and highlighting some of Hillary Clinton's most salient rhetorical strategies.

In the interest of full disclosure, Clinton has actually expressed public support for Jones, so the actress's coverage may not have been the most neutral out there. However, Jones still expressed a lot of important and relevant criticism of the debate, particularly about the role of the moderator and the stylistic approach Trump employed in answering many of his questions.

Jones also eventually turned away from the comedic approach to appreciate the severity of this situation. "Man I want yo say something funny but this ain't funny man. This shit is not funny at all," Jones tweeted near the end of the debate, showing that even one of the greatest comics today can't always turn Trump into a joke. Her coverage was reflective of a lot of people's views on the election, and her live debate tweets are definitely worth a look.

After it was over, Jones tweeted: "Ok I need a nice calming movie after that shit like "the purge" or "saving private Ryan" geeez Louise!!!"

Don't we all, Leslie. Don't we all.