Man's 'Wheel Of Fortune' Bonus Round Solve Is Incredible, But How Does It Compare to Other Epic Wins? — VIDEOS

Is it just me, or is the "Thing" category on Wheel of Fortune one of the most difficult? Apparently it's just me because on Thursday night's episode, contestant Emil's lucky guess stunned Pat Sajak, Vanna White, and the rest of America with his amazing puzzle-solving skills. It's possibly the best Wheel of Fortune bonus round win ever.

After only receiving the first two letters of the phrase during the RSTLNE givens, and gaining zero more hints from the three consonants and one vowel he guessed (HMDO), it looked like Emil was in rough water. Sajak thought it was a mistake, calling over to White, "Hello? Vanna," to see if she'd forgotten to reveal a match (she's not that old, dude).

The host then told Emil that he was a great puzzle solver, but he wasn't sure he could handle this "tough one." Which kind of seems like he was unnecessarily psyching him out — but whatever, because Emil CRUSHED IT.

What's even better about all of this is that Emil himself was stunned to find out that his first guess was correct. He definitely dug deep down into the "Useless Knowledge of Things' Names" section of his brain and pulled out the most random of them all. White and Sajak were both so stunned that it took them a second to realize that Emil had actually guessed correctly on the first try.

Watch him solve the puzzle in the first two seconds to win $45,000. Try to keep your jaw off the floor.

Wheel Of Fortune on YouTube

But hey, Emil isn't the first contestant to make an epic solve, so we'll let you be the judge as to whether Emil's guess is as crazy as we thought. In 2010, contestant Caitlin made headlines by solving a huge phrase after only one letter was revealed. She definitely had a good feeling about this — watch Caitlin's solve here:

Todd Dailey on YouTube

And another, in 2013, Amber Erhard became the second WOF contestant to win $1 million with her epic guess in the show's bonus round. After White revealed three letters and Erhard guessed her Wild Card consonant correctly, the contestant solved her "Thing" category with ease. And jumped for joy when Sajak revealed her prize — watch Amber's epic win here:

WayoshiM on YouTube

If Wheel of Fortune is this crazy on a regular basis, we might all have to start tuning in more often.

Image: Wheel of Fortune