These Lester Hold Tweets Feel For The Moderator

The debate has come and gone, but we will probably continue to fight about it for days to come. Why was Republican nominee Donald Trump sniffling all the time? Did Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton answer the email questions adequately? And of course the battleground for many of these skirmishes will likely come from Twitter. Throughout the debate and after, Twitter ran amok with hot takes on the candidates, but they were not the only favored subjects. In particular, moderator Lester Holt's debate performance saw its fair share of Twitter responses, most of which felt for him and the stress he surely experienced.

Holt took a risk moderating the debate. His professional career was on the line, almost as much as the candidates. He was always going to be judged, and maybe not in a fair way. In the aftermath, many accused Holt of disappearing during the debate, saying that he didn't press the candidates enough or prevent them from interrupting each other. Then, other spectators claimed Holt of favoring one candidate over the other. Most of all, however, viewers seemed to sympathize with Holt, because moderating the two candidates could not have been very easy, especially taking into consideration the interruptions, heated moments, and of course, insults. But as we start to mellow out and mentally prepare ourselves for the second of three presidential debates, let's take a look at some of the funniest Holt tweets.

This Debate Is On Fire

For real though, Holt, at some point you gotta get out of the building.

One Tequila...

I hope this is true — someone get that man a drink. He deserves it.

It's All Static

Fairly certain everyone who watched the debate eventually had a similar feeling, so who can blame him?

A Thriller Of A Debate

90 minutes of debating with no breaks? I would have needed popcorn too.


You aren't really a part of the debate until you have your own hashtag.

Two Tequila...

By minute 80 we were all feeling this way.


You survived, Lester Holt. You survived. Congratulations on your first presidential debate — I'm sure you and Anderson Cooper will have lots to talk about.