13 Things To Expect From Nick's 'Bachelor' Season

by Marenah Dobin

Even though Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor just started filming, Bachelor Nation is already eagerly anticipating its premiere. I am still reeling from the shock of Nick being the surprise pick to star in the upcoming season, and I am beyond pumped about it. This will be Nick's fourth time appearing in the reality TV franchise, so at this point there are few things that we know we can expect from Nick Viall's Bachelor season. Sure, just like any human he is constantly evolving and all that jazz, but we have been watching him pursue love for years, so it's definitely possible to predict a few things about Nick's season.

Obviously, things will be a little different this time since Nick's fate will not be at the mercy of someone else — for the most part at least. I guess it's possible that the last girl standing could turn Nick down and get with Chris Harrison to make Nick a runner-up on his own show... but that probably won't happen. This show has been going strong forever and its formula has stayed pretty much the same, so it's easy to make some guesses at what will go down.

1. References To Being A Runner-Up

I'm sure it's going to come up a lot, especially in the beginning, that Nick is making his fourth appearance in the franchise. He's been in second place on two Bachelorette seasons and he was a part of the only pair that didn't get engaged during the last Bachelor in Paradise finale, which cold also be viewed as being in second place. I get how this is integral to his story, I'm just hoping he and the show don't talk about it the entire time, so the fandom — and Nick himself — can move forward with a more positive focus.

2. Fears About Being Unlovable

This is pretty standard in the franchise since the lead in each season is usually a castoff from a previous season. We've see Nick crying in back of three different cars during show finales about not finding love, so I'm sure that this is going to carry over into his own Bachelor season.

3. Nerves About Getting Into This Process Again

I don't blame anyone for being nervous in this position, but Nick has to be pretty well-aware that he's a polarizing person in this franchise, so I'm sure he is feeling a lot of pressure. Aside from that, it's so obvious that he really wants to find love, which would make anyone nervous in front of a television crew. Producer Mike Fleiss even tweeted, "Nick is as nervous as any guy I've ever seen on Night One... #TheBachelor." Aww poor Nick. I'm sure his nerves are super endearing and lovable though.

4. Words Of Advice From Previous Bachelors

This happens in pretty much every season, but since Nick competed for love against the last two Bachelors (Chris Soules and Ben Higgins) and knows them pretty well, I'm willing to bet that they will stop by with some wisdom from their experiences.

5. A Chance For More Sex Positive Conversations

I think that Nick has something very positive to offer when it comes to the topic of sex. Nick is very open and candid about how important sex can be in many adult relationships. If it comes up, I think it will be handled in a respectful and truthful manner.

6. Jokes About Seeing Neil Lane Again

This dude met with Neil Lane three different times contemplating engagement rings. Plus, Mike Fleiss tweeted a pic of the jeweler at the mansion during night one, so we all know a fourth time's the charm joke is coming. Still, night one is a little early for a Neil appearance, so I'm very curious about that.

7. Nick Falling In Love... Hard

Nick loves love and it's very clear from watching these shows that he's an easy person for women to connect with. I would not be at all shocked if he ends up forming strong connections with multiple ladies during his season.

8. Lots Of Tears

The new Bachelor is very invested in this process, so I definitely see a flood of tears coming by the time he reaches the hometown dates. This is a guy who is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, and I have a feeling that will come along with lots of tears.

9. Nick's Abs

The Bachelor loves shirtless moments from the guys. Plus, we all know that there will be a hot tub present whenever possible on this show. And you can't forget the inevitable pensive walks on the beach as Nick contemplates his decisions.

10. Interrogations From Nick's Little Sister

I was absolutely living for it when Nick's little sister Bella grilled Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe about why they would make good sister-in-laws. I'm sure that the voice of reason will be around to question Nick's final two ladies when he gets to that point.

11. Appearances From Past Bachelor Ladies

Nick has been on a lot of these shows, so it makes sense for me to assume that former Bachelor contestants would vie for his heart. One, it would be super ironic since that they would be pulling a Nick Viall on Nick Viall. Two, I feel like the show could fake us out and have one of his many Bachelor friends appear to give advice just like Jake Pavelka did with JoJo Fletcher.

12. A Sense Of Humor

Yes, I do think that Ben and Chris are really nice guys and that people enjoyed watching their love stories unfold on their seasons, but they were not the most entertaining guys. Nick is very candid and says hilarious things. I'm sure the people who make GIFs and memes will be producing a lot of material based on Nick's quotes.

13. A Proposal Will Go Down

If there's anyone who wants to be engaged, it's Nick Viall. I mean, come on. He almost got engaged three times on a reality TV show before. Nick is in it to win it, and I'm almost certain he will be handing out a diamond ring with that final rose.

Nick is the Bachelor that this franchise has needed. He is going to be entertaining, candid, and sincere. I know this show only just started filming, but I already can't wait for it to air.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell; ABC