17 Pictures Of Nick Viall From Before 'The Bachelor' Franchise To Prep You For His Season

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 07: Nick Viall attends the boohoo.com LA Pop Up Store on April 7, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for boohoo.com )
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If you're still reeling from the crazy news that Nick Viall is the next Bacheloryou are not alone. It was a surprising and somewhat baffling casting choice, even if you fall into the "Nick Viall fan" camp. Bachelor Nation might have lost their collective mind, but this Nick-Viall-as-the-Bachelor thing is happening, and there's nothing we can do about it now. Except for wait patiently and look at photos of Viall before he was ever on The Bachelor franchise. Because that sounds like a fun way to pass the time until his season premieres, right? It does to me.

Sure, Viall's been on not one, not two, but three different spin-offs of the Bachelor (two The Bachelorette and one Bachelor in Paradise), but that does not mean we know everything about him. There are so many things still left to learn. Thankfully, a lot of those things can be learned via old photos. Because before Viall was a Bachelor sensation, on his way to date multiple women in an audience of approximately 7 gajillion, he was just like you and me. A regular guy from Chicago, with a penchant for being shirtless. Oh, wait, actually that penchant for being shirtless thing didn't seem to spawn until after The Bachelorette, right? Wrong. See? You don't know everything about him. Now let's get into some photos. 

1. The First Ever Shirtless Pic


This one dates all the way back to 2013, and, though it's certainly not the first shirtless picture ever, it could be the first Nick Viall shirtless picture and that counts for something. 

2. Posing With A Friend


Truly exquisite. 

3. A Very Serious Headshot


If only he knew where The Bachelor/ette franchise would take him. 

4. Being a Green Bay Packers Fan



5. Bro-ing Out


Good to see he did well in large groups before The Bachelorette. 

6. Being A Champion?


Of money. 

7. A Candid That Was Probably Not Candid


We all know how those go. 

8. Being Great With Children


Winston gets it.

9. Donning A Scarf 


Ah, scarves. Something Viall would later become known for.

10. Proof That Style Was Always Important


Vest and tie. 

11. Being Great With Children Again


I'm just saying. 

 12. The Woman Who Started It All


According to this caption, we can thank this lovely lady for having Nick Viall on our TV screens. 

 13. A #TBT With Mom


Pretty adorable. 

14. Another Shirtless Pic 


It's a #TBT, so I retract what I said earlier. This appears to be the first ever Nick Viall shirtless photo. 

15. Having Fun With An Ex-Girlfriend


So, now we know that Viall isn't exclusively into brunettes. 

16. And Finally... Baby Viall Part I


Is he the one in overalls or the one in the Texas basketball shorts? Either way, this is magnificent. 

17. And Part II


The stuff of legends. 

Here's to seeing more of Nick's face when his season premieres Monday, January 2. 

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