Who Cuts Taylor Swift's Hair? The Name Is Familiar Among The Celebs — PHOTOS

In case you missed the hair news, Taylor Swift got an edgy new look. While normally the star plays it safe with her natural curls or a pin straight locks, this style is somewhere in the middle. Think fringe, layers, and a brand new color. Who was responsible for the new hair cut, you ask? There's a few names to know and both of them are celebrity favorites.

It's not every day that Swift changes her hairstyle. She rocked her signature short, curly hair for a while now, but it looks like she's ready for something different. According to photos posted by her stylist, Gareth Bromell, Swift now has a much edgier haircut. Bromell calls it a shag hairstyle, but really all that means is that her layers are a bit shorter than before. The look is a perfect example of how to switch up your look without completely leaving your comfort zone.

The color is different too. According to Bromell's Instagram, Tracey Cunningham is responsible for the new color. Considering she also does colors for Chrissy Teigen, Amy Poehler, and Kristen Bell, it doesn't even surprise me that Swift is among her clientele too. It doesn't look like the public can schedule appointments with either Bromell or Cunningham, as of now.

It might not be much of a change, but it's completely different than before. People are excited to see what this might mean for her future. Some people have even drawn the lines between Swift getting a new haircut when she's ready to launch an album. One thing's for sure — she's completely rocking the style.

As InStyle points out, the hairstyle is very '70s inspired. I'm loving how she switched up her bangs from a side part to along-the-front style with such ease. Who knew such a simple trim could look so much different.

I can't wait to see how she styles it next!

Images: garethbromell/Instagram