Hilary Duff Teases A New 'Younger' Love Interest For Kelsey In A Post-Thad World

Just when it looked like Thad would unleash Liza's secret to the world, a fallen construction beam came out of the sky and silenced him for good in the Younger Season 2 finale. It was a shocking turn of events, for sure (not to mention one of my worst fears come to life), but now that Thad is permanently out of the picture for Younger Season 3, it could turn out to be the best thing to happen to not only Liza, but Kelsey as well. During a recent interview, Hilary Duff opened up to Bustle about the impact that Thad's death will have on her character and what this could mean for Kelsey's future love life on the show.

Duff, who is currently partnered with Visine's #ScreenOn campaign (a program that supports AdoptAClassroom.org to provide classrooms with access to technology and screens), went on to explain how Kelsey's grieving process may not be entirely what fans expect."I think she's relieved," she reveals. "Part of the season starts out with her feeling really guilty that she feels more relieved than anything [rather than] sad that he's gone. But she throws herself into work." However, as immersed into her career as Kelsey may get, that doesn't mean fans won't get to see Liza's BFF let loose a little as the season progresses and enjoy everything that being single can entail. "You get to see a little bit of a single Kelsey, which is fun and kind of wild," Duff teases, while adding that a few new guys will come into her life in a romantic way. And no, she's (thankfully) not just referring to Thad's brother, Chad.

"Oh yes, she gets two or three [love interests], so it's a fun season for her," Duff shares. "The first guy, outside of Chad, she starts to see, he lives somewhere that she can't ever picture herself living, but it's not that far away." And while Duff insists that this mystery man is a good guy, all of these prospects will have one surprising thing in common — they all resemble Thad in their own way. "She definitely has a type," says Duff. "They're all like tall blondes."

But men won't be the only thing on Kelsey's mind this season. Far from it, actually, especially since she has Millennial Print to think about. "She works really hard with her job and Empirical is kind of struggling money-wise, so everything she wants to do with Millennial she has to really fight for," Duff shares. "It's cool to see a young person sticking up for herself in the workplace." Not to mention the fact that she's also a woman, which makes her determination all the more admirable. Either way, it'll be nice to see Kelsey making herself her No. 1 priority for a change and not necessarily needing a man in her life to make it feel complete.

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