'The Flash' Season 2 Is Coming To Netflix Soon, So You Can Relive The Trouble These 15 Metahumans Caused

When The Flash returns for Season 3 on Tuesday, one of the things I'm most looking forward to is seeing the new metahumans that the team will encounter. Over the last two years, so many comic book characters have popped up on the show that I can barely keep track of the rogue's gallery. Fortunately, The Flash Season 2 is coming to Netflix on October 4, so fans will be able to rewatch or catch up in no time.

This past season saw the return of many metahuman and otherwise villainous characters such as Mark Mardon, Hartley Rathaway, Captain Cold, Grodd, and Lisa Snart. I'm still waiting for the arc where Barry objects to the anti-metahuman rhetoric used by the media (and his friends), considering he himself is one and hasn't yet used his powers for evil, but that hasn't happened yet. At the very least, you'd think a few moe metahumans in Central City would be heroes. That's a real shame.

Here are all the metahumans we met in Season 2, from Barry's world and thanks to the portal to Earth-2 that the gang opened and explored. The parallel universe may have been my ideal aesthetic, but it was also full of evil dopplegangers and overall a bummer. Keep in mind, there are some spoilers for The Flash Season 2 below, if you are checking last year's episodes out on Netflix for the first time. We also met Patty Spivot, Wally West, Jesse Quick, and Kendra Saunders. The latter, who isn't a metahuman so much as a reincarnated heroine named Hawkgirl, went on to star in Legends of Tomorrow. Wally and Jesse, on the other hand, weren't metahumans when they joined the series — but both have the comic book name recognition and backstory to justify suiting up in the future as speedsters.

1. Killer Frost

We got a tease of Caitlin Snow's alter-ego in Season 1, and finally got to meet her in Season 2. She loved a dark lipstick, and gave Earth-1 Caitlin a lot to think about.

2. Deathstorm

On Earth-2, Ronnie is alive and evil as well.

3. Reverb

While Caitlin has yet to develop metahuman abilities on Earth-1, Cisco's dopple was a clear sign of what his newly discovered powers could become.

4. Rupture

Yup, even on Earth-2, Cisco and his brother have problems.

5. Zoom

Also known as Jay Garrick, kind of? If you thought the Reverse Flash/Eobard Thawne drama from Season 1 was confusing, Season 2 threw you for a loop.

6. Sand Demon

Eddie Slick was one of the first Earth-2 metahumans to be sent by Zoom.

7. Jefferson Jackon

The teen became Firestorm's new better half, and followed Dr. Stein to Legends of Tomorrow with Hawkgirl.

8. Vandal Savage

Speaking of the spinoff, that team's immortal villain appeared in The Flash as well.

9. Doctor Light

In one of my favorite, most hijinks-y episodes of Season 2, Linda Park attempts to imitate her villainous Earth-2 alter-ego.

10. The Turtle

Another sillier episode involved Russell Glossen, a character with the ability to slow things down. The best thing about his introduction is that we were lead to believe that the Turtle had been Cisco's nemesis, quietly and in the background, this whole time.

11. Tar Pit

Joey Monteleone has a more classic metahuman origin story. He fell into a pit of tar when the particle accelerator exploded, and can now melt himself into molten tar at will. Fun!

12. Geomancer

Also known as Adam Fells, he showed up on Earth-1 while Barry and Cisco were taking Earth-2 selfies.

13. Trajectory

Also known as Eliza Harmon, this speedster used Velocity-9 to turn herself into a metahuman.

14. Griffin Grey

One of the more tragic metahuman powers and backstories, Grey suffered from superpowered aging that was ultimately his downfall.

15. Black Siren

Even Laurel Lance has an evil dopple-ganger. Don't you kind of wish that we saw more Earth-2 dopple-gangers like Barry, Joe, and Iris, who were all very sweet? Maybe that's coming in Season 3. Barry may have reset the timeline, but that only makes for more metahuman opportunities as The Flash adventure continues.

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