Kylie Cosmetics Is Offering $5 Shipping For All International Shoppers, But It's Only For 48 Hours

Kylie Cosmetics may not be hosting its free shipping event any longer, but that doesn't mean that Kylie Jenner isn't set on helping out fans of her cosmetics line. If you missed out on that promo, your opportunity is back — kind of. Kylie Cosmetics $5 international shipping is here to help you out if you didn't snag free shipping a few weeks ago. It seems as though Jenner is clearly listening to her fans' cries for more affordable shipping.

It seems like since the beginning of Kylie Cosmetics history, shipping has been an issue. Whether its the previously recognizable black and white drip packages being stolen or the sheer cost of shipping, drama has ensued. While Kylie Cosmetics lip kits ring in at $29, international shipping comes in at $14.95, over half the cost of the lip kit itself. Now, however, Jenner is helping ease her fans' concerns and not just those who are in the States. International shipping for Kylie Cosmetics will be $5 starting on Wednesday, Sept. 28. It's great that Jenner's international fans are getting some love.

While stateside Kylie Cosmetics lovers aren't necessarily stoked about missing out on the promo, Jenner's recent free shipping deal didn't apply to fans out of the country, so really, this is all about balancing out the love.

Despite a bit of outcry from US-based buyers, the international shipping deal is great for fans who have been forced to pay over half the cost of the lip kit in shipping costs.

As for now, there's no word on if regular shipping prices will continue as is or potentially be lowered. After all, it has been a fan demand for a while now, and Jenner is obviously super in touch with what they want.

Until word gets out about a shipping change, though, fans will just have to keep paying the shipping rates. However, I wouldn't put it past Jenner to keep doing this sweet deals. Keep your eyes peeled, fans.