Who Are The Women In The H&M ‘Ladylike’ Ad? Meet The Badass Stars — PHOTOS

H&M has officially taken it upon themselves to redefine what it means to be "ladylike" in 2016, and have enlisted a cast of muscular, hairy-armpitted, imperfectly-perfect #girlbosses to help them do it. The company's #ladylike campaign launched last week, and in a minute and a half, the video challenges everything we've traditionally understood about what it means to be a "lady." So who are the women in the H&M ladylike ad?

As far as fashion campaigns go, this is the most empowering one we've ever seen. It features women of various ages, races, body types and sexual orientations, and shows that there are many, many different ways to be a "lady" — including, but not limited to, eating french fries in bed, commanding a boardroom and dancing around in your underwear.

Between actresses, models, activists and entrepreneurs, each and every one of the (beautiful) women in the H&M campaign is inspiring in her own way. They come from diverse backgrounds from all around the world, and came together to spread an incredible and important message. In 2016, being a lady means so much more than just being "well-mannered" or "elegant," and this campaign strives to break the stereotypical idea that you can't be a lady and a badass at the same time.

Here are nine of the badass ladies who are seriously making a difference with their latest campaign.

1. Pum Lefebure

Pum Lefebure is the co-founder and chief creative officer of Design Army, a design firm in Washington, DC. In the ad, Lefebure commands a boardroom full of men (looking chic as hell, might I add). When asked what it means to her to be "ladylike," Lefebure told H&M, "When you think about the 1950s, you think of "ladylike" as being the perfect woman, being married to the man and support him and then he brings home the bacon. But for me, it's like why do I need to marry someone who can bring home bacon? I can raise my own pig. I can raise a farm. I can create this big, most amazing farm in the world, because I am capable."

2. Hari Nef

Hari Nef was the first openly transgender model signed to world-renowned agency IMG. She has been an outspoken trans activist since coming into the spotlight, and often takes to her Twitter to offer advice to other young trans men and women,

3. Jillian Hervey

Not only is Lionbabe's singer Jillian Hervey behind the feminist, remastered version of Tom Jones' "She's A Lady" that plays during the video, she is also the natural haired beauty picking her teeth and using a silver tray as a mirror. In an interview with H&M, she described the campaign shoot as "a quick, busy day of hanging out with my ‘friends’ who turned out to be my real friends by the end of the day! A lot of hair, laughter, and food fights.”

Sounds like our dream day!

4. Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton is one of the original super models, and proves in the H&M ad that even at 72-years-old she has seriously still got it. She proves that age seriously, seriously "ain't nothin but a number," and (as if we didn't know already) there is no expiration date on true beauty. Hutton told H&M that she feels most inspired by the women who are in power today, including Hillary Clinton.

5. Adwo Aboah

Adwo Aboah is a Ghanian-British model, and founder of Gurl's Talk, a platform for discussing social justice, feminism and gender equality. She's dedicated her life to giving voices to girls around the world, especially in places where they otherwise may remain voiceless.

6. Fatima Pinto

Fatima Pinto is the strong woman (literally and figuratively) who checks herself out in the mirror in the middle of the "Ladylike" video. She is one of the top female Muay Thai fighters in the world, and is working to introduce the sport to the mainstream around the world.

7. Arvida Bryström

Arvida Bryström is a Swedish model who is unapologetically herself — both in the video and in real life. She constantly Instagrams pictures of her unshaved legs, armpits and other body parts, and doesn't GAF what anyone thinks about it.

8. Paloma Elesser

Paloma Elesser spent much of her modeling career being told she was either "too this" or "not enough that." Despite the fact that she's learned to accept herself and a lot of the negativity around her has changed since she's found success in the industry, in the H&M video, she is allowed to just be herself, shaking it in her undies.

9. Neelam Gill

Neelam Gill is a British model of Indian descent who has been instrumental in the fight against online bullying. She has repeatedly taken to her YouTube channel to talk about trolling, body confidence and depression.

Gill Took to Twitter to express how honored she was to participate in the campaign, which I would bet is how every one of these incredible women feel about taking part in such a strong, empowering movement.

If you haven't watched the ad in its entirety, do yourself a favor an check it out below:

Images: H&M/YouTube; arvidabystrom/Instagram