Hester Knows Who The Killer Is On 'Scream Queens' & She Has Some Serious Demands

In the Scream Queens Season 1 finale, it looked like Hester had officially gotten away with murder. Sure, Dean Munsch was totally onto her — but, given her own indiscretions (such as killing her ex-husband and framing a former Kappa for his murder), there wasn't much she could do about it. However, during the three year time jump, an investigative documentary proved Hester was the killer and she's officially behind bars — for now. But, it appears she already has some leverage because Hester knows who the killer is on Scream Queens, and you can bet she won't give up the secret easily.

Although she was missing from the first episode, Hester returned in the Sept. 27 episode "Warts and All" with a spot-on imitation of Hannibal Lecter — and her appearance was totally worth the wait. You see, Hester claims that she knows the identity of The Green Monster — but she's not going to give up the information unless she's given a few things in return. She's got a lot of demands and, for the time being, most of them are beauty products that haven't been manufactured in years. (Time to scour the Internet, Chanels!) However, I bet that once she returns to her beauty regimen of choice, Hester will have some more requests. She did provide one fairly unhelpful clue though: "The killer might be right in front of you."

So, did Hester's appearance bring us any closer to solving this season's mystery? It certainly gave us one of the funniest moments of the episode — Denise Hemphill was totally not interested in meeting Hester's demands and threw chapstick at her instead. But, beyond that, I think we have a long wait and many red herrings before we get any real answers. There is some good news though — beauty products weren't Hester's only request and it looks like she'll be transferred to the CURE Institute Hospital. So, we can count on plenty of hilarious interactions between Hester, the Chanels, and Dean Munsch — just like old times.

My real question is whether or not Hester even knows the killer's identity. Right now, my guess is that she's totally playing Munsch because she really wants her favorite beauty products and a bed at CURE. Either way, I'm just happy she'll be back in the same location as the rest of the cast — but they better watch their backs, because we all know that Hester knows how to hold a grudge and is fairly handy with an axe.

Image: Michael Becker/FOX