What's In Urban Decay's Full Spectrum Palette? You Will Get Your Color Fix — PHOTO

Move over, neutrals! Urban Decay's NAKED series traffics in all sorts of neutrals, including the just-released NAKED Ultimate Basics palette, which features all-matte nude eyeshadows and more. But as hardcore Beauty Junkies are well aware, the brand is hardly a one-note, despite the popularity of its universally wearable NAKED collection. What's in the new Urban Decay Full Spectrum eyeshadow palette?

Its name actually announces exactly what you are getting — a full spectrum of shades. For the Full Spectrum palette, Urban Decay has swapped out its now-signature nudes in favor of loud, bold brights. There are 21 shades contained within — with 18 of them reportedly brand new — ranging from pinks to yellows to blues. There is even a matte white shadow. It's a rainbow of fruit flavors, er, eyeshadow shades, yo!

Packing the palette with majorly bright shadows shades makes complete and total sense, especially when considered from a historical perspective. While the NAKEDs and nudes are incredibly popular for the brand in this decade, Urban Decay built its rep in the '90s and early '00s through unusual, loud, unpredictable, unexpected, and crazy colors with unique, subversive, and edgy names. The Full Spectrum palette nods to the brand's adventurous, not-for-the-color-shy past (and present!)

Full Spectrum's eyeshadows live in a purple case. Bustle reached out to Urban Decay reps regarding price and availability.

If you want "look at me" eyes that POP!, then you are gonna get 'em with the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette.

The Urban Decay NAKED Ultimate Basics palettes is totally different than Full Spectrum, but it's equally as beautiful.

Images: Urban Decay Cosmetics/Instagram (1); Courtesy of Urban Decay (1)