Proof That Zayn Malik & Gigi Hadid Are Obsessed With Snuggle Photos

When two extremely attractive celebrities announce they are dating, it can be difficult to get excited because history has shown that they often do not stand the test of time. When I found out that model-of-the-moment Gigi Hadid was spotted with the brooding singer Zayn Malik, I thought they were a match made in visually-pleasing-couples heaven. Although they were rumored to have broken up this past June 2016, Malik and Hadid have stayed strong despite their busy schedules and careers. While most celeb couples do share pics with their boo, nothing can really beat the photos of Malik and Hadid's snuggling each other and they LOVE to show them off.

Honestly, if you were a part of this beautiful coupling wouldn't you want to cuddle all the time too? What really makes their couples photos different is just how candid and sweet they are. Sure, they also share photos of their magazine covers and editorials, but in their own personal shots, they can barely keep their hands off each other and "ZiGi" really look to be a young couple totally in love. On Wednedays, Hadid shared a snap of herself with Malik, (it appears to be from a vacation), and it was far from the first time they were all about a cuddle pic, so here are Malik and Hadid's cuddliest and cutest moments together.

1. When They Were Casually Chilling On A Beach

Coming out from the ocean has never looked so good.

2. When They Left Something To The Imagination

We got just a glimpse of Hadid's smile and she looked so happy.

3. When They Stole Kisses


4. When He Slept On Her Lap

Seems like they can never be too far from each other.

5. When He Was There To Keep Her Spirits High

Being the queen of fashion week can be tiring, but Hadid had her boyfriend to hold her up.

6. When They Re-Created Romeo + Juliet

Remember that scene under the covers with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes? This totally reminds me of that.

7. When They Cuddled In Bed With A Kitty

Hadid found herself a man that can do both: love her and her cat. Goals.

8. When They Squished Faces

They can't get enough.

After looking through all these sweet photos, I am really cheering Hadid and Malik's relationship on.