Kendall Jenner’s Advice On How To Deal With Bullies Isn’t Groundbreaking, But It’s Honest

For as many fans and followers that Kendall Jenner has (that would be 66.4 million on Instagram and 19.9 million on Twitter), she probably has just as many trolls trying to bring her down. This bullying is obviously not unique to the supermodel, but rather something that's all too prominent for literally anyone who has ever voiced their opinion on the internet or just your average middle schooler walking down the hallway. Which is exactly why Jenner's advice for dealing with bullies, which she revealed in the new issue of Garage Magazine , is relevant for everyone.

"Let's face it — Everyone is going to have an opinion. Best advice I have is to realize just that, everyone's always going to be saying something and if you concern yourself with that, you're in for a giant headache. What matters is how you feel," she told the magazine (via E! News). "If you like that picture or you feel good in that outfit, f*ck it. Gaining perspective does wonders."

TBH, it's not anything groundbreaking — but it's truthful. If you feel confident enough in yourself, other people's negative-ass comments are going to bounce right off that protective bubble of self-confidence. Taking the time to internalize everyone's hurtful opinions (which I realize is almost impossible not to do) will do nothing but give you a negative, false image of yourself. Let your own inner confidence be louder than any voice of hate.

"I aim to treat others as I want to be treated," Jenner explained. "I know that sounds slightly basic, but when it comes to humans and human nature, the simplest answer is usually the right one. It really is as easy as that."

Yes, this is the same sentiment that your great-great-grandma has probably passed down from generation to generation, but it's because it is a universal truth. It is all too easy (and tempting) to stoop down to a bully's level, but hurting them back isn't going to make yourself feel any better — and it'll only perpetuate the bullying cycle.

Instead, it's best to follow Jenner's advice: Be confident in yourself and treat others with respect. The hateful comments will just become white noise after a while, but your morals — and that self-confidence — will still remain intact.