How To Wear Pat McGrath's Glitter Lip Kits & Look As Killer As Naomi Campbell — VIDEOS

Lucky enough to get your hands on a Pat McGrath Lip Kit, but aren't sure how to use it? Have no fear, because YouTube has your back. Here's how to wear Pat McGrath's Glitter Lip Kits and look like a total supermodel.

Superstar makeup artist Pat McGrath has created one of the most lustworthy, luxurious lip kits on the market (and with competition like Kylie Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics, that's big talk). The Lust 004 products are sold in three color-specific kits: Bloodwine, Flesh, and Vermillion Venom. Each of these kits includes two matte lipsticks, a Clear Vinyl Gloss, a Metallic Gold Pigment, and matching glitter. These Pat McGrath lip kits retail for $60 a piece, while the Everything Kit includes all her lip creations for $150.

That's a lot of product to work with, especially when you throw in so many different formulations. While most of us can handle a lipstick or gloss, throwing in a glitter and using it all together can be intimidating. Where to begin?

Through extensive research (read: a YouTube search) I found some popular and up-and-coming beauty vloggers unboxing, swatching, and demonstrating all the ways you can rock these lip kits. They're so diverse and way easier to work with than you might expect.

Pat McGrath Lust 004 Everything Kit, $150, Pat McGrath

Ready for your lips to get their glitter and glow on like Naomi?

Follow these tutorials now:

1. Lust Tutorial

Apply directly onto the lip and watch your pout sparkle.

2. Gold Glitter & Vampy Tutorial

Center the sparkle in the middle of your pout to create the illusion of larger lips.

3. Flesh Tutorial

This glitter is best applied with your old fashioned fingers!

4. Bloodwine Tutorial

Lay on the clear gloss first and then top with glitter in patting motions.

5. The Everything Kit Tutorial

I love the mixing of darker and lighter lip shades to create an ombre effect.

6. Vermillion Venom Lip Kit

You don't need a lip liner with coverage like this.

7. Peachy Gold Tutorial

The finely milled glitter can turn liquid-like when you begin to work with it. If you love shine, you'll love working with this lip kit.

Image: Pat Mcgrath Labs/Vimeo