Lee's Daughter Is Missing On 'AHS: Roanoke'

Just in case you haven't noticed so far, Roanoke doesn't seem like a very great (or safe) place to live. And I'm not just talking about the ghostly apparitions and the human teeth falling from the sky. You can find that kind of thing anywhere. (Just kidding... sort of.) It's just not a relaxing place to hang out, especially for pigs who keep getting slaughtered on what feels like a daily basis. And now the latest nightmarish incident revolves around the disappearance of Lee's daughter, Flora, who is missing — perhaps even taken by unknown inhabitants of the woods. So where is Flora on American Horror Story: Roanoke ? Unfortunately, it's a question we may not want to know the answer to.

For now, though, she appears to be somewhat safe. After a psychic by the name of Cricket came to visit, he revealed that it wasn't humans that took Flora, but a spirit. Priscilla to be precise. Lee automatically recognized the name since it was Flora's imaginary friend who she used to hang out with in dark cupboards inside the house. (You know, totally normal stuff.)

The good thing is that Priscilla didn't mean Flora any harm. She just wanted a playmate to keep out of the hands of The Butcher. But let's be honest, hanging out with the dead is never a safe thing and can only lead to no good. Let's just hope she ends up back home safe and sound before this nightmare can go any further.

Image: FX