Priscilla's Identity Is Still A Mystery On 'AHS'

So much of American Horror Story's sixth season has been shrouded in mystery, it was nice to finally get some concrete answers to week. Not only did we learn Kathy Bates' character name (Thomasyn White aka The Butcher), but we were also given a bit of backstory as to how the Miller's property became so haunted. However, that's still just a drop in the bucket compared to all of the things that we still don't know — like who Priscilla is on AHS: Roanoke and whether or not she'll prove to be a friend or a foe.

During one of The Butcher's numerous appearances, she explained to Lee that her daughter, Flora, had been taken by Priscilla in the hopes of protecting her from the rest of the colony, herself included. So that right there proves that this character's intentions seem to be good. And given all the times she and Flora were playing together, it may be safe to assume that they're around the same age. That or she just has a very childlike demeanor.

It's also worth noting that Butcher White (I'm trying out a new nickname for the character) made mention of Priscilla being her a "bastard seed," though, it's unclear what this exactly means. Is she the product of Bates' character with an outsider? Is she just kind of a rogue ghost that wasn't ever part of the settler community? We know the Butcher has a son named Ambrose (played by Wes Bentley), but it's possible she also has a daughter as well — one that perhaps doesn't share her affinity for human sacrificing and the eating of organs.

There's also a chance she could be the name of Lady Gaga's wood nymph character since the series has yet to reveal her actual identity thus far. Maybe there's a part of her who has a soft spot for children and doesn't like the idea of any harm coming to Flora.

Either way, Priscilla (whoever she may be) could very well become the ally Matt and Shelby need in order to not only get Flora back, but also make all of these nightmarish antics end for good. The ghosts of Murder House had a difficult time living in peace with the many earthly inhabitants that walked through its hallowed halls. But that doesn't mean Roanoke can't be a little different... right?

Image: FX