Hoboken Train Crash Passengers Are Tweeting

On Thursday, it was reported that a train crashed into a Hoboken, New Jersey station. At this time, the situation is developing and more details continued to be released. One thing that remains certain is it's as scary as it sounds and there's proof in these tweets from people involved in the Hoboken train crash. According to ABC News, authorities are reporting "multiple critical injuries" and that up to 100 people overall were in the crash. After speaking with officials, NBC News is also reporting that there are at least three dead. At this time, those riding in the first car or were in the station at the time of the crash appear to be the most injured. Those in the second car and further back were able to get off the train.

Per NBC News, the Hoboken station "is one of the busiest in the greater New York City area, with an estimated 50,000 commuters passing through every day." The outlet also reports that the trains also don't have seat belts. As you can see below, the crash is very serious and is quite scary. It's certainly a frightening situation and then to hear live accounts from those actually involved makes it all the more real. No one knows better of what it was like and continues to be like than those part of the crash and even those who witnessed it.

Here is an official statement from the New Jersey Transit regarding the crash via ABC News:

Let's be sure to keep everyone involved in our thoughts.

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