11 'Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them' Halloween Costume Ideas For 2016 That Are Magically Easy

If you’ve been following the news of all things Harry Potter (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?), then you already know that the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them release date is this November, just in time to throw together a Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Halloween costume. For anyone who’s as excited as I am about the upcoming film following Newt Scamander and his adventures in 1920s New York, this Halloween is the perfect time to show your dedication to the world of magic and dress to party like it’s 1926.

Halloween is a great time to test your cosplaying skills and show everyone just how passionate you are about all things Harry Potter (so the same as every day, right?). If you're obsessed with the wizarding world, then you know it's almost unthinkable to go as anything other than a Harry Potter character on Halloween. But there are only so many times you can dress up as Harry or Hermione and still feel like your costume is original. Thanks to a few promo pics of Newt Scamander and the rest of the cast, we finally have an idea of what 1920s wizarding fashion was really like and how you can create your own unique Fantastic Beasts costume.

If you haven't already spent the last 10 months sewing together the ultimate Harry Potter costume (and I commend you if you did), but you're still completely psyched about the upcoming Fantastic Beasts film, then check out these magically simple costumes ideas based on the movie's characters and some truly fantastic beasts.

1. Newt Scamander

You can be the magizoologist himself, traversing the streets of 1920s New York in search of fantastic beasts (and where to find them). Don't forget to bring your briefcase.

What You'll Need:

2. Queenie Goldstein

A free-spirited and kind-hearted woman, Queenie is known for her advanced legilimency skills, which allow her to navigate the minds of others and get to know them for who they really are. She's also known for her beauty and kindness, so remember to complete the outfit by putting on a big smile.

What You'll Need:

3. Porpentina "Tina" Goldstein

Auror of the Magical Congress of the USA, Tina is soulful and courageous as she joins Scamander on his quest through New York. Pull your hair into a loose ponytail and tuck it under, using clips to secure your hair to your head to create the illusion of having Tina's adorable bob cut.

What You'll Need:

4. Percival Graves

Percival Graves is on a mission to hunt down Scamander. As Director of Magical Security, it's his duty to stop the beasts that emerge from Scamander's magical suitcase. Fill in your eyebrows with a black eyebrow pencil to complete this costume and achieve the true Colin Farrell look.

What You'll Need:

5. Seraphina Picquery

A past member of the Horned Serpent house at Ilvermorny, Seraphina is now President of the Magical Congress of the United States. Her outfit isn't complete without great posture and a face full of worry, so don't forget you have an entire magical country to run.

What You'll Need:

6. Swooping Evil

This blue and green flying beast is a cross between a butterfly and a killer reptile. Instead of growing sharp claws of your own, use press-on nails to get that truly evil look.

What You'll Need:

7. Bowtruckle

A tree dweller, this beast has long, sharp fingers and can camouflage itself into its surroundings like a stick bug, but a lot more dangerous. Remember to wiggle your arms in the wind as you walk around in this costume on Halloween night. They are made of twigs after all.

What You'll Need:

8. Billywig

This insect-like creature is known for its sapphire blue color and can only be spotted once a wizard or witch has been stung. The more bling the better, so throw on all the jewelry you can find to blend in with your fellow billywigs.

What You'll Need:

9. Occamy

Agressive towards anyone who approaches it, the occamy is known to be choranaptyxic, or have the ability to shrink and grow at will. Add some black contacts to truly transform into this bird-like monster of the night.

What You'll Need:

10. Kappa

Covered in scales and a peculiar shell-like piece of wood, you might think the kappa was a frog if it weren't known for its killer abilities as a Japanese water demon. Remember to walk in a hunched position with a scowl on your face to truly turn you into the most terrifying kappa on the block.

What You'll Need:

11. Hippocampus

For anyone who doesn't mind looking a little different on Halloween, this creature has the front half of a horse and the body of a fish, like a seahorse but more terrifying in every way imaginable. Kick this costume up a notch by adding some diving fins to leave no doubt in anyone's mind that you're the half-fish, half-horse creature you claim to be.

What You'll Need:

Images: Warner Bros. Pictures