These Cancer Empathy Cards Are Hilariously Honest & Say Everything You Were Too Afraid To Say

When something unexpected happens in our lives or to the people we love, it's hard to know the right thing to say. That's why greetings cards are so special and helpful. Emily McDowell and other card designers created cancer empathy cards for those of us who have trouble figuring out what to say when finding out someone we love has the big 'C'. The cards are touching, funny, and seem to say exactly what you want to say to your friends and family.

According to a statement Emily McDowell made to Mashable, the cards were partially inspired by her own experience of having cancer and seeing her friends and family struggle with communication. She explained that sympathy cards are great, but many "can make people feel like you think they’re already dead". These cards from a company called Thortful solve that problem by being full of life and joy. At the end of the day, people who are sick don't want you to take pity on them — they want you to be there for them. Making jokes and staying positive will not only help your loved ones fight harder, but is a way for you to also show how much you care. Being sick is scary enough for the person going through the experience themselves, your job is to alleviate the grimness.

After looking through the different card designs, I have to say that they are very clever. I would feel uplifted if someone I knew gave me a cute card like this:

The realities of the disease are never easy to face. People have to struggle with a lot, and having loved ones by their side is very important. Showing them that you are willing to hold their hair back or to drive them to all of their appointments is exactly what they need. They're doing the majority of the fighting — you just need to be a pillar of strength and support. No sympathy eyes!

One of the best card designs, IMHO, is this one:

I've personally heard so many people say there's a "plan," and that suffering is all part of the journey. No offense, but hearing that your pain and suffering is there for a reason can really suck. Really puts a damper on a picnic. Seeing a card make fun of that in a tasteful manner can be really helpful at the end of the day.

Finally, flipping cliche phrases around is always a good idea. Everything has been said a thousand times before. Finding a new way to keep someone's spirits up is priceless.

Check out Emily McDowell's website, where the cards retail for $3.89. Although everyone hopes they'll never have a reason to give one out, it is undeniably a way to cheer someone up who is very much in need of cheering.

Images: Thortful