'WAGS' Miami Couples Are Doing Well

by Kayla Hawkins

E! knows that the finale of WAGS came far too soon, which is why WAGS Miami is premiering on Oct. 2 with a whole new group of women who call themselves the "Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars." And, out of these women, which WAGS Miami couples are still together? Just like the original series, some of the couples are happily married, while other members of the cast are serial daters who might be single now, but certainly might be tied to a new man in a future season — or one of the upcoming episodes.

In this world, there seems to be less of a premium on getting married, since not a single one of these ladies has a so-called "traditional" relationship. There are blended families, families without marriage but plenty of commitment, newly engaged couples, and lots of single ladies who will be enjoying life without kids or a serious relationship to maintain.

And while some relationships have shifted slightly since WAGS Miami was filmed, things seem good in the sunshine state, since it doesn't seem like any of these pairs have gone through a tough break like a split or a separation. So far, reality TV stardom seems to be no problem for this collection of couples.

Claudia Sampedro & Julius Peppers

These two are not married, but are still happily together. Between them, they have three children, one together, and two from previous relationships, but this family, despite being unconventional, seems very functional.

Metisha Schaefer

As her appearance on WAGS original recipe made clear, Metisha is single now and still a little heartbroken over splitting with Larry English (who's now with Nicole Williams). But the single life seems to be treating her well.

Vanessa Cole & Mike Wallace

Another family that felt no need to walk down the aisle despite being in a committed relationship for almost a decade and having two children together. They're even able to bridge the long distance caused when Mike is playing for the Minnesota Vikings and Vanessa is in Miami with the kids and working on her own business.

Hencha Voigt

She is single and off of a string of relationships with pro athletes — but that makes this a perfect time to work on her ambition of starting a clothing line with fellow cast member Metisha.

Ashley Nicole Roberts & Philip Wheeler

Another unmarried couple with kids (in their case, one very cute toddler son), and another pair that's still together, making it work. Ashley's backlash for posting a breastfeeding photo on Instagram is the closest this family comes to drama.

Astrid Bavaresco

Astrid is also single, and judging from the aspirational pics she posts, she's working and traveling far more often than anyone tied down with a family could.

Darnell Nicole

This couple is recently engaged and, even though they've yet to walk down the aisle, they seem totally happy right now.

Whatever the secret, it seems the WAGS Miami ladies are happy in or out of relationships.

Image: E! Entertainment