There Are Serious Perks To Being Madonna

Well, this is as authentic as you're going to get. The Mother of Dragons stopped by The Tonight Show on Thursday night and she revealed a surprising detail about Madonna's epic Purim ensembleMadonna was wearing Emilia Clarke's actual Daenerys costume. I guess when you're the original Queen of Pop, the world is yours for the taking — including all of the costumes in HBO's Game of Thrones closet.

Clarke told Jimmy Fallon that she thought she was dreaming when she received an email from an HBO publicist explaining that Madonna wanted to borrow her Daenerys Targaryen costume and asking if it would be okay. Obviously the Game of Thrones star obliged and was impressed by the outcome. Clarke said of Fallon's copy of Madonna's Instagram post, "That's just mean. You can't put us next to [each other] she's doing really well." Well, duh, she's wearing an authentic costume.

According to Clarke's analysis — and we trust her, since she is the Mother of Dragons — the harness Madonna's wearing in the photo is her own, but everything else is property of HBO. How crazy is that? So Madonna just called up HBO and asked if she could borrow an active costume from one of Game of Thrones' main characters and they said yes. But why stop here, Madonna? Here's 5 other famous costumes you should get your hands on just by asking:

1. Angelina Jolie's Maleficent Costume

Now that she's gotten Daenerys' costume, this should be the second conquest on her list.

2. Dorothy's Ruby Slippers

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The most iconic of items and a must-have if she plans to be Dorothy Gale for Halloween. Well, if they fit, of course.

3. Elsa's Frozen Gown

Okay, this isn't technically a real costume — but the perks of being Madonna know no bounds. If anyone can get this made in all of its magical glory, it's Madonna.

4. Any Of The Evil Queen's Once Upon A Time Outfits

If there's one Queen on television that's got as great of a wardrobe as Daenery's Targaryen, it's The Evil Queen on Once Upon A Time. These outfits are fire.

5. Margaery Tyrell's Power-Gowns

She's sexy and she's brilliant and she knows it. And she doesn't care about Cersei's side-eyes. And we already know Madonna's at GoT fan and that they'd gladly share the costume wealth with her.

Images: Madonna/Instagram, Walt Disney Pictures (2), ABC, HBO