Who Will Play Melania Trump On 'SNL' In 2016? There Are A Few Contenders

If you watched the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump then you were probably also thinking about how amazing the material was for the upcoming premiere of Saturday Night Live. After all, SNL has become a staple during each and every election season, because who provides better comedy material than politicians? Since the first episode of the highly anticipated new season is already teasing the Saturday Night Live version of the presidential debate, with Alec Baldwin taking on the task of becoming Donald Trump, who will be playing the role of Melania Trump on SNL this season?

Well, there's no confirmation just yet, but my money is on Cecily Strong reprising her role as Donald's wife. Strong took on the task last season and nailed it, so it makes sense that she should be allowed to grow the character herself. Of course, Melania's role in the debates was brief but even just a simple handshake with Darrell Hammond's Bill Clinton will undoubtedly be transformed into a hilarious moment.

Strong has yet to confirm or deny whether she will be stepping into Melania's million dollar pumps for the 42nd season of SNL, but she did discuss her role from last season on Late Night With Seth Meyers. Strong didn't specifically speak about this upcoming season, but said that she feels bad for Donald's wife, because Melania really didn't ask for any of this kind of politically-focused attention.

Late Night with Seth Meyers on YouTube

Strong is not the only contender to take on Melania this season, though. Before fans assume that she has this thing on lock, let me remind you that there is another woman who not only nails the impression of Melania, but also looks a lot like her. Laura Benanti, who is a Tony Award winning actress and singer, appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert in July to deliver one of the best Melania impressions that the world has ever seen. People took notice, and fans started calling for SNL to take her into consideration as the new Melania.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on YouTube

So, it's still unknown who will step into the role, but, no matter the impressionist, it is bound to be phenomenal. After all, this election was simply made for the geniuses at SNL.