‘Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Andi Dorfman & Boyz II Men Team Up For Ridiculous Group Date

As all Bachelor and Bachelorette fans know, at least once per season there is a group date that involves going on stage during some type of musical event and the newest bachelorette is not exempt. Andi Dorfman joined Boyz II Men on stage with a group of her suitors while filming a date for The Bachelorette. I realize this doesn't sound like a date, but for this show it's totally normal. During the most recent season of The Bachelor, Juan Pablo had not one, but two dates with awkward stage dancing. Juan Pablo and a group of ladies performed as backup dancers for a Korean pop group and on another date he and Kat danced on stage at some sort of race/rave combo.

Andi's Boyz II Men date was filmed on Wednesday in Santa Barbara, Calif. Host Chris Harrison posted an invitation on Instagram asking fans to come out and join the festivities at Santa Barbara's Paseo Nuevo Mall. And even though The Bachelorette plus Boyz II Men sounds like the most random combination ever, people showed up in droves. If they're smart, it was because it is totally random. I'd love to be able to come into work the next day and when asked what I've been up to respond, "Oh, ya know, the usual. Watching Andi Dorfman and a group of dudes sing and dance to 'End of the Road.'"

In pictures of the concert, the guys can be seen as split into groups and wearing matching outfits. Noozhawk reports that "part of the date involved two groups of her suitors partaking in a singoff to the Boyz II Men song 'I'll Make Love to You.'" That's amazing! Mail Online refers to this as a "boy band challenge" and I think they're absolutely right. That is exactly what The Bachelorette would do.

Fans posted pictures of Andi at the show and Harrison Instagrammed a photo of the huge crowd.

Wow! Look at all of those hardcore Boyz II Men fans!

Images: ABC; @AimeeMelnick/Twitter; @nana1135/Twitter; Chris Harrison/Instagram