'Halloweentown' Is Still The Best DCOM

by Kaitlin Reilly

I was really into scary movies as a kid, and my love for all things spooky has definitely carried over into adulthood. I'm all about horror movies, haunted houses, and, of course, Halloween — which is why I can still totally relate to Disney Channel Original Movie Halloweentown's resident witch-in-training, Marnie. Long before she discovered that she had magical powers — and hailed from a line of witches who lived in a magical place known as Halloweentown — Marnie declared that "Halloween is cool," and I, obviously, agreed with her. It's not just Halloween that's cool, though: Halloweentown is too, and it remains one of the best Disney Channel Original Movies ever to this day.

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I remember watching Halloweentown for the first time in 1998, when it premiered on Disney Channel during a Halloween marathon. I was instantly enthralled by Marnie's journey to find her witchy identity. While movies like Brink! and Zenon, Girl Of The 21st Century certainly had their merits, what they didn't have were skeleton cab drivers, flying brooms, and Debbie Reynolds in a fabulous velvet robe. Those aren't the only things to love in this movie where it's Halloween year round, though — in fact, the list of what's there to love in this movie is endless. Fortunately, I narrowed down the reasons why Halloweentown is the absolute best to 14 points:

1. Marnie's Fiercely Independent

Marnie isn't the kind of girl to sit quietly and accept her mother's not-so-sane reasons for not allowing Marnie out on Halloween (the one holiday this girl seems really, really into), nor is she okay with sitting back and just letting the grandmother she sees once a year disappear without an explanation. Marnie's an adventure, and she goes after what she wants. As an adult, it's hard to not approve of Marnie's fierce independence.

2. Debbie Reynolds' Aggie Is Grandma Goals

Not only is Princess Leia's offscreen mom a bonafide witch, she's also a non-conformist who gives amazing advice like "Being normal is vastly overrated." Amen, Aggie.

3. The Broom Scene Is Everything

Before Harry Potter was flying around on a Nimbus 3000, Marnie was test-driving brooms of her very own.

4. Marnie And Luke's Pseudo-Romance Was The Precursor To Every Will-They-Won't-They Couple Ever

I am so not the only one who thought Marnie and Luke were endgame — there are fan videos that proves so many Disney kids were shipping this pair.

5. It Gets Surprisingly Dark

The reason why Marnie needs to start her witch training is so that she can help Aggie defeat whatever evil force is lurking in the shadows of Halloweentown. This evil force turns out to be kind of a big deal: he's putting the residents of Halloweentown in a movie theater for eternity so that he can drain them of all their powers and leave them catatonic. Surprisingly high stakes for a DCOM.

6. There's A Cab Driving Skeleton

I don't know why every time I think of Halloweentown , I think of Benny. Maybe it's because instead of being Indiana Jones-movie level of creepy, he instead ends up as the comic relief.

7. Sophie's Powers Are Literally All I Would Ever Need

Baby witch Sophie uses her powers for everything that any sane person would use their powers for: easier access to cookies.

8. The Makeup Is Seriously So Insane

This movie was somehow able to make a broom salesman zombie look sleazy and scary at the same time, and I forever respect it.

9. It's About Sisterhood

The Cromwell family joining hands to defeat the evil Kalabar proves that a tribe of women can always take down a power-hungry man.

10. It Teaches Confidence

Marnie learns throughout the course of the movie that it's not necessarily what you're born into that matters — it's how you use what you've got to make a difference. Sure, Marnie is a witch, so taking down a warlock is a lot easier for her than it is for us normals, but she actually tries to save Halloweentown, which is really the biggest step of all.

11. Luke's Confession Is Sad And Swoon-Worthy All At Once

When Luke finally reveals that he's actually a goblin, he tells Marnie the reason he hid his identity was because he didn't think a girl like Marnie would like him as he was. Aww! Marnie tells Luke that she prefers him as a good person with a goblin face, and I know I made the right call by shipping these two.

12. Dylan Is Hilarious

The only person not willing to blindly tag along with Marnie's seemingly outlandish plans in her brother Dylan, whose practical mind is at great odds with the mystical universe Aggie resides in.

13. This Remains The Best Comeback Line To Anyone Who Disses Your Love Of Oct. 31

Yes. Yes it is.

Halloweentown, you'll forever have a place in my heart — no matter what month it is.

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