Will April Move In With Jackson On 'Grey's Anatomy'? It's Not A Bad Idea

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again — April Kepner can just not catch a break on Grey’s Anatomy. She got married, lost a baby, got divorced, got pregnant by her ex-husband, and then had to have an emergency caesarean birth without anesthesia on a kitchen table to have her baby. I mean, can she just sit somewhere with Netflix and a nice up of tea for a while? To add insult to injury, April’s not quite ready to leave the hospital yet following daughter Harriet’s birth, even though Harriet can go home with Jackson, her dad. Jackson and April are divorced, but Jackson suggested that April live with him on Grey’s Anatomy , and I don’t think it’s such a bad idea. Maybe things are looking up for her after all!

April was a basket case when she found out that she couldn’t come home with Harriet and Jackson because she felt like she wouldn’t be able to bond with her daughter if they didn’t spend those precious first days together. Jackson really didn’t know what to do — he doesn’t know what it’s like to give birth and have all of these hormones and emotions flying. Weber, in his Weber awesomeness, gave Jackson a pep talk and told him that even though Jackson and April are divorced, they’re still family. They share a baby together! Jackson decided to ask April and Harriet to move in with him following her hospital stay, and I have a feeling that this is the beginning of their reconciliation. April really does need help — she has a major incision and is still healing, and having a new baby is not easy. Jackson is Harriet's dad, and Harriet deserves time with both of her parents. If only co-parenting was so simple all the time.


The fact that Jackson wants to help is a sign, I think, that he is still in love with April. I think she’s still in love with him, too. Their separation stemmed from losing their first child, Samuel, to a birth defect, but maybe Harriet will be the one to bring them together. I still think these two have a chance.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC; Giphy