Jackson & April's Baby Could Bring Them Together On 'Grey's Anatomy'

In this new era of Grey's Anatomy , Jackson Avery and April Kepner are definitely the "it" couple, or not-couple depending on the episode. Either way, their drama is both consuming and entertaining. Last week's episode ended with Jackson innocently enjoying a drink at the bar and getting served with a restraining order from April while she went home and got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from him. Clearly, they were not at all on the same page, so the fans knew that Jackson and April's restraining order drama would continue as it did in this week's double episode.

To be fair, April's impulsive move was made in response to her overhearing Jackson's mother Catherine talk about building a legal case against April for sole custody since April hid the pregnancy when she filed for divorce. Nevertheless, it would have made some sense for her to actually talk to Jackson first, but that is way too logical for these people.

These two took the childish behavior to another level this week, fighting over patients and making spiteful moves via their lawyers. At one point, April's lawyer made a remark about how she and Jackson used to love each other at one point and it clearly struck a nerve in her.

The entire episode was super frustrating to watch for any fans that are pulling for their relationship and then out of nowhere things seemed OK with them at the end, at least for a minute. Jackson talked to April about how they used to care so much about each other and how is upset they are not like that anymore. I lost it when he told her, "You were my best friend, April... my favorite person" and then April let him feel their baby kicking inside her.

So once again the fans kind of have closure, yet kind of don't. There was no resolve to any of the discord between or to the legal battle itself. But, the viewers were left with some optimism that these two can get it together and be harmonious parents.

Image: Ron Batzdorff/ABC