Lindsay Albanese & MONROW Are Launching WEARDROBE™, A Collection That Makes #Adulting Easy & Stylish

Being an adult means doing horrible things, like filing your taxes, paying your bills, and y'know, getting dressed professionally every morning. Enter WEARDROBE™, a collaboration between insanely fashionable stylist Lindsay Albanese + MONROW, super-cool clothing brand that basically does the adult dressing for you — which means less time getting dressed and more time hitting snooze (and drinking that extra coffee we all need).

If you're not familiar with MONROW, do yourself a favor and check out their online shop now. You'll find leisurewear heaven — cap-sleeved dresses, comfy joggers, dope leggings, and chic city sweatshirts. It's safe to say this collaboration is going to be both super stylish and incredibly comfortable, two things that are a must when dressing for work or an internship.

Essentially, this concept collection is made up of only three pieces. But don't let that fool you — these pieces are so versatile, you'll have endless combinations to wear them with, whether you're off to a board meeting or to happy hour. With MONROW's approach to simplicity and Albanese's belief of pared down staples, these three pieces are all must-haves for the modern working woman and #girlboss.

The three pieces in the collection are the Roam Sweatshirt, the High Slit T-Shirt, and the #EverywherePant. Ranging from $55-$98, these pieces are incredibly affordable. Albanese tells me over email that she "wanted to create a collection that is ready-to-wear combined with the ease of sportswear." Mission definitely accomplished.

Roam Sweatshirt, $75,

How chic does she look in this sweatshirt? Albanese is not your typical stylist: established in Los Angeles, she's known as the "Stylist Next Door." The idea for her collection came from saying "weardrobe." For Albanese, it "encompassed the idea of fashion and functionality in one word — weardrobe, the pieces you will actually wear!" That's the idea she built her capsule collection around.

Meet the #EverywherePant, which, well, as you guessed, you can wear pretty much everywhere.

#EverywherePant, $98,

Sleek and in black, this is definitely a wardrobe must-have. To Albanese, a staple piece is one that will "anchor your wardrobe before all the other trendy/fashion-forward seasonal pieces you will inevitably buy as well," she tells me.

Based on these pieces, it's clear that she's got a strong personal style. "Personal style is self expression through what one wears to make them feel like the best version of themselves," she says. Whatever your personal style may be — as long as you're feeling confident — let it shine.

Take, for example, the High-Slit T-shirt, which is your favorite tee, but with a twist.

High Slit T-Shirt, $55,

Adding that stylish slit turns this regular tee into a piece that reflects Albanese's personal style. When it came to choosing the three pieces this collection would feature, Albanese "had a hard think about the staples that women wear most in the fall." She also called up her friends and family to come up with the collection.

And though they may seem simple, they're still super powerful. There's a reason some of our biggest legends have had some sort of "uniform" down. Think Bianca Jagger, Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, and even Steve Jobs. However, Albanese does think that to keep your look and style fresh, you should try "new cuts, fabrics, colors, lengths — whatever it may be to keep your look fresh, modern, and appropriate for whatever it is you're doing."

One thing all of these legends have when it come to their uniform? Confidence, and above all, comfort. Albanese believes that "comfort and style are neck and neck at the top of the list." She goes on to tell me, however, that you shouldn't have to choose between the two. "I don't like to compromise either, and these piece are a harmony of both elements."

That's the beauty of this collection — while it's incredibly stylish and sexy, it's also laid back and relaxed. And we feel most confident when we not only look great, but when we feel great, too. When someone puts on one of her pieces, Albanese wants him/her to feel "comfortable and presentable and effortlessly stylish. Each piece has a significant design element that gives nuance to make it feel sartorially current."

Scroll through Albanese's Instagram, and you'll see how she masterfully marries both in her sense of style.

Chic, yet comfortable, this look is everything.

Absolutely effortless.

When it comes to comfort and ease, WEARDROBE™ has us covered. Most of us are snoozing three or four times with barely enough time to stuff breakfast in our bag. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you didn't even have to think about what to wear? Albanese and MONROW has basically made the staple collection of our dreams with these three pieces.

In love yet? I know you are. These pieces will be available on from Sept. 30 through Oct. 30, so get to shopping!

Images: Lindsay Albanese x MONROW